Intuition for the spring

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It seems like I am experiencing the arrival of spring for the first time. This is obviously not the case but I can’t help feeling this way with the kind of winter we’ve had in Montreal. And I really do like winter! But I must say I am embracing this milder temperature and  increased daylight with great enthusiasm. It is really nice to see neighbors and people on the street with jackets unzipped, on their bikes and seemingly less tense. I know I am! (Well, not yet on my bike). It’s like everyone is breathing better. Shoulders no longer pinned to our ears, anticipating the cold. I feel this greater ease in the air. The collective stress level in Montreal I am sure has plummeted these last few days. Spring is upon us! For now, anyway  Hooray.

So on this spring note… Here is some food for thought on spring cleaning, clutter clearing and intuition. Personally, I have been  going through drawers and cupboards and giving things away that no longer fit, or are no longer useful or necessary around my place. It’s so interesting how these things can change from month to month and season to season and what inspires these changes. In any event, enjoy the process of making room for great clarity and the new and of course more space to hear your wise voice from within.
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Spring cleaning will help you connect more deeply to your intuition

Everything that surrounds us is made of energy that carries with it a certain vibration. Because we are energy beings these vibrations affect us. Our intuition comes through more sharply when we are paying attention and aware of our surroundings. Objects that deplete us energetically (whether we are conscious of it or not) detract from our level of awareness and keep us from being able to tune in to our intuition. It is so important to surround ourselves with things that uplift us and energize us and then eliminate the things that deplete us. When we eliminate the stagnant energy in our environment we allow the space for creativity and movement to enter in.

March intuitive exercise: Clearing out the clutter

This month take time out to clear the clutter in your physical spaces.
1. Start simple and see where you are led. In other words ask yourself “Where should I start? What area of my physical space needs immediate clutter- clearing attention”. See what you come up with. Here are some ideas  to start you off : your bedroom,  bathroom, closet, office, basement, car, wallet, purse  etc..

2. When you begin. With each item ask yourself this question: Does this uplift and energize me or does this drain me of my energy?

3. Listen for the response internally and notice what arises. (When clearing out your clutter, and for bigger clearing jobs like rooms and homes) you might find it helpful to have someone with you that is not emotionally attached to the item that could help you make quick and supportive decisions.

4. Make a pile of the things you no longer want or need so that you can give them away, recycle them or if need be dispose of them appropriately.

5. Have fun with this. And as you are cleaning, notice the change in your space and how different it feels to you.
Let me know what you discover!!


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