Creating resolutions that last!

4 Tips to create resolutions that last! It’s that time of the year again… Though goals and good intentions are welcome any day of the year, a fresh new start to the year is a good time to benefit from this collective wave of energy where we take stock and look ahead at what is […]

Transformation through Transition- Get Coached in a Group Setting with Julie Cusmariu, Montreal Life Coach and Intuitive Consultant

‘Transformation through Transition’ Open to the possibilities before you… After being married in June and going through a beautiful rite of passage through the wedding ceremony (archived and chronicled on my radio show), I am now going through another exciting and adventurous life transition. I am pregnant and due in the spring. I have been experiencing the importance of […]

Allowing the natural flow of life…trusting your intuition

“Follow the flow…trust….breathe…allow…surrender…relax…listen to yourself ” Often easier said than done, but nonetheless these are wise and profound words I have often been advised to adpot and words I remind myself  of  daily. Certainly when I am in a state of flow and trusting the natural evolution of the day and life in general, greater […]

Ways to alleviate stress at the workplace

I, being a life coach in montreal and intuitive consultant who often works with clients suffering from burnout and frustation at work, was recently interviewed by The Hour Magazine in Montreal about ‘ How not to stress out about work’. Read it here and share your comments below!

Do you want a jump-start for the new season?

Do you want a JUMP-START for the new season? Fall is just around the corner and it’s often the time we look for that extra dose of energy and inspiration to get us going , a ‘jump-start’ as I call it. You can experience this ‘jump-start’ in two different ways. ‘JUMP-START WITH JULIE’ is a […]