Hi, I’m Julie. Welcome.

I’m here to stand in your corner and help you make the change and the difference you want for yourself and this world. I’m here to guide you back to yourself so that you can listen to and trust your intuition. So that you can hear your own wisdom and find your own best answers. I’m here to offer you a soft place to land and to remind you of your uniqueness, your strengths and gifts and desires.

It takes courage and conviction and the support of others to trust yourself and move in the direction of your dreams.

You may be experiencing one or all of these right now:

  • you’re feeling a lack of support for creating your vision
  • you’re feeling isolated and alone
  • you’re seeking support for an impending change
  • you’re in the middle of a transition
  • you’re not even sure what you want. You just know you want to make a change and make a positive difference
  • you may be feeling very clear, but you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired and even depleted
  • you’re wondering ’ who am I ?’ to want this. I can’t be that or do that. That’s for someone else, not me!
  • you’re getting down on yourself and forgetting what is most important to you and what makes you feel good and purposeful
  • you know what you want to create and you want support and accountability to make it happen.

Life’s not a linear path

It requires trust in the unknown and then some more trust and a little more. You know what that’s like, right? You already know how hard it can feel.

I’m here to help you navigate this path and help you make the change and the difference you want for yourself and this world.

I am here, eager to stand in your corner.

The key factor in my own healthy development and success has been gaining the support of trained individuals that help me stay the course, who can see me and know me and believe in me.

I (love to) help leaders and change makers, women making their impact by trusting their intuition, trusting themselves and trusting life.

Lets get started

My body always spoke to me. From a young age I was acutely aware of every sensation and symptom in my body. I can’t say this made me at ease. Actually it created a lot of panic in me. Not to mention hearing frequently how ‘overly sensitive’ I was, was no comfort for my anxious mind. I didn’t know at the time I could trust my body or how to even do that. During my elementary and high school years I was a competitive gymnast and athlete. My mental and physical energy got grounded in my sport. I quit gymnastics in my mid teens and this same energy became free floating energy that manifested as anxiety. Anxiety that resulted in bodily symptoms and sensations and needless chatter in my mind.

Over time and with the support of a few wise practitioners I started to make sense of these physical symptoms and sensations. This free-floating energy became anchored in my body when I learned to access my emotions and FEEL them. My feelings became my guideposts and led me further along the path of well-being. Well-being has always been my priority and passion. And so alarm turned to curiosity, panic to trust, and fear to wisdom. I learned that my body is my trusted ally.  This trust in myself, enabled me to connect to my passions and I developed the courage to pursue them. Instead of hiding them, fearing that they weren’t worthy of pursuit,  I celebrated the discovery of them, and the conviction for my right path deepened.

These years gave me the space to connect to my intuition and I let it lead. It became my inner navigational system. My internal compass. Discerning between anxiety and intuition has been part of my personal path and as I ground more, and continue do to my inner work, the distinction becomes less subtle and more clear. From my teens to womanhood through twists and turns, through loss, love, leaving a job as a successful business executive, to school and back again, with coaches, therapists, mentors, programs, healings, and across the seas and highways, I of course learned a lot about myself and honed my skills and my craft.  Along the way I met and then married an inspiring and loving man, adopted a dog named Lucy, created my coaching and intuition practice, launched my podcast and carried and birthed two precious, INTENSELY spirit filled boys now aged 8 and 5.  The learning and growing and the wonder of this life continue. And so this is why I do what I do. It is who I am and what I believe in.

Trusting our intuition. Navigating our own journey. Listening to our body wisdom. Knowing ourselves. Being good to ourselves, others and our planet. This is why I want to meet you and support you in giving to yourself in a way that can help you and those around you.  Amen. Awomen.

Work with me

Some more parts to the whole…

Lucy : I like to explain in jest, although really in truth, that Lucy was my first child (albeit four legged and furry). She prepared me for motherhood. Truly. I wanted a dog my whole life. The first day we adopted her she left her trail everywhere in the house AND she started menstruating ( and to think I never thought about the menstrual cycle of a female dog before). She had separation anxiety and lived in two homes before ours and she was only 9 months old. As you may imagine, this put me in the ‘mother’ role fast. Fast forward to 2019, she is now a vivacious newly turned 11 year old and is the crone of our house. Oh Lucy. My four legged teacher and special animal love.


My boys:  8 and 5 1/2 years old. Parenting these two outrageously beautiful souls with my partner has been stretching me like I’ve never been stretched before. Oh me oh my. My teachers, my loves! Developmental child psychology has never been so fascinating.

My life partner: We both love to create. His art and work are music and filmmaking.  We are riding on this journey of life together, very committed, very humbled by it all and very curious. Learning lots, leaping lots, growing lots, loving lots. Opening our hearts. Much love and gratitude.


 Some of the beliefs that inspire what I do and who I am

  • Using and trusting your intuition is a way of being. A way of being that requires self awareness, heartfulness and trust.
  • We need connection, we need each other. We are in this together. We are a global community. To kindness, sensitivity, compassion, inclusion, curiosity and understanding.
  • When we first respond to our own needs we can then best serve our families, our communities, our children, partners, employees, classmates, colleagues, our world.
  • Self-inquiry and unveiling our idealized image is what help us unveil our authentic selves and live from the heart. When we live according to an ( egoic) image of how our life or others lives’ should be, we create our own internal suffering. I continue to soften the way I think my life should be, or my kids’ life should be and life in general, and of course it’s a work in progress but it does make the journey easier holding this close.
  • Embracing what it means to be human brings great relief, it helps reduce striving, comparison, perfectionism, judging, misrepresenting, alienating and increases compassion, kindness, empathy, understanding and love.  May we see each other as we truly are, each with our own histories, stories and experiences. All connected, by a shared humanity, so we can progress individually and globally.


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