Intuitive Reading


Approximate time to read the info below: 3 minutes
What is an Intuitive Reading?

If you have decided to be the recipient of an intuitive reading you are choosing to dialogue with your soul. You are inviting connection to your spirit and energy and you are acknowledging the path of your soul’s growth and evolution.

During the reading we will work from a place where the mind is quiet and the heart is open. This reading will help you build an intimate relationship with your spirit.i.e. your essence and true self. It will serve to empower you and celebrate your uniqueness and expression in the world. The vibrations of the unseen world hold beautiful messages and gifts to be received. Once experienced the world can be seen with new eyes.An intuitive reading is a tool to get you in touch with the voice of your soul and your heart’s true desires. It will allow you to see and feel things you might not be conscious of in your day to day life. The reading will provide gentle guidance to your questions and will shed light on your soul’s path. The reading will help you see your beauty and your gifts while also seeing opportunities for growth and development.

A reading becomes a conversation between you and your soul, your heart, the self that is infintely resourceful and wise. It will offer you a new perspective in  your life with your relationships, career, and well-being. It will help you feel safe and find your ground in the in between.

What you can expect from the reading:

You can expect the experience to provide you with a sense:


Self discovery


Inner knowing

A new perspective

Together we will be tuning in to a safe, compassionate, non-judgemental and healing space. Using  psychic guidance (also know as the sixth sense and intuition, connecting to non-local consciousness) I will tune in to your vibration and energy system for guidance and healing to occur.

When I begin the reading..
I will connect to the energetic vibration of the present moment. The first few minutes we will take some breaths together and I will tune into your vibration psychically. After this time I will begin speaking and channelling insight and guidance received. At this time we will engage in a dialogue and you can ask me prepared questions or questions that come up for you as the reading begins. All questions whether deemed by you as small or big are equally important and are encouraged to be addressed if they are coming up for you. Once you ask a question I will tune in and if there is a message to be relayed I will share with you the guidance received.
You are encouraged to take with you the guidance that feels right and leave behind any guidance that does not resonate. Please know that there might not always be an answer to your question, at times it might not be ripe for an answer to be known. Also note that some insight provided might not immediately resonate with you but often will make more sense as time goes on. The guidance that I relay is intended to shed light on your path and is not meant to make any decisions for you. Decisions in your life are for you to make with the support you receive willingly and openly. Depending on what you are looking for or ready for in your life’s path and journey at the time of the reading you can expect the reading  be to light, informative, gentle and fun and also profound, emotionally engaging and transformative.

An intuitive reading with me is not : 

Predictive, that is I will not ‘forecast’ your future or make decisions for you.

The information you receive will help empower you to make the best decisions for yourself and to feel more connected to your own inner knowing.


Suggested preparations for the reading

1. Think about any issues you would like more clarity over in your life and formulate 2-5 questions to ask during the reading.

2. Journal, meditate and/or pray on your expectations and intentions for the experience. Set a clear intention for the reading. How do you want to feel once it is complete? Connect to that feeling, image or sensation.

3. Sleep well before the reading, stay nicely hydrated by drinking water and come with a calm and open mind and heart

4. Allow yourself some gentle uninterrupted time after the reading to integrate what has been received and some moments of reflection. Let it digest.

Thank you for committing to your personal well-being and wholeness. Your fulfillment and peace of mind makes the planet a lighter and more beautiful place for us all.


– A 24 hour notice is kindly requested in the event of a cancellation (to avoid payment for the session).
– If you would like to record the session you are invited to do so.
– Payment is requested before the session if the session is by phone. If the session is in person please make the payment before the session begins.  Cash, an e-transfer or paypal is accepted. If paying by paypal please pay in advance for readings in person and over the phone.