Coaching FAQ

  • Individuals looking for clarity, direction and purpose, looking to get unstuck and feel inspired.
  • Highly functioning people looking for accountability, support and championing of their desires, efforts and vision. Willing to take responsibility for themselves, their choices and desires.
  • Change makers, pioneers, individuals looking to positively impact their own life and the lives of others through positive and meaningful leadership.
  • Individuals looking to experience peace of mind, joy and lives that flow.
A certified professional life coach receives training from an Accredited Coach Training Program ( in my case Coach for life– a credentialed school), adheres to the high standards and strong code of ethics of the profession and commits to ongoing education and learning required by the international governing body of coaching, the International Coaching Federation . There are over 20,000 members of the ICF worldwide. A credential is renewable every three years. In my case I have been a credentialed ACC coach since 2007 with the International Coaching Federation and have renewed my credential three times. I have benefited from tremendous continuing education and learning that helps me hone my craft and passion. Through acquired credits/hours, mentoring credits/hours and hours worked with clients in addition to testing, a credential is obtained and renewed. Since 2016 I trained to become a Certified Mentor Coach with Mentor Coach Certification program an ICF credential program, to assist and support certified coaches with the required mentoring to renew or obtain their ACC credential.
  • The feeling of having someone in your corner, fully supported, cheering you on, believing in you and your dreams and life.
  • A safe encouraging confidential space to be deeply listened to and to have highlighted what IS working in your life.
  • To be honored and acknowledged for who you are and for what you desire.
  • To move beyond your comfort zone. To stretch and grow and let go of limiting beliefs and illuminate the blind spots.
  • To open up to your true essence and live the possibilities available to you.
  • To identify and live in alignment with your values, strengths and heart’s desires.
  • A coach’s fee structure and commitment varies according to each individual coach. Fees range from $80 – 300$/ hour and each coaching relationship is unique and varying programs are designed to suit each client and their needs.
  • The client calls the coach at their scheduled time. Skype/ Zoom or phone.
  • Payment is paid in advance at the beginning of each session or package.
  • Each coaching relationship is unique and therefore varying programs are designed to suit each client.
While coaching sessions can be conducted in person they are typically held over the phone over skype or using Zoom. Over 80% – 90% of coaches work with their individual clients over the phone. Telephone sessions make coaching easy to engage in and they can seamlessly be woven into a busy schedule. They make finding a coach easier, geography or location won’t limit you. Coaches and clients can be in different cities and still benefit from the coaching relationship. This is often the case. I coach clients all over the world and also see clients in person in Montreal.
I once heard this great analogy that really helps to understand the difference. Therapy is like archeology where the focus is on excavating, digging, unearthing and examining the past to understand the present, (emotional patterns/old wounds affecting present behaviours, emotions, tendencies are identified and worked through) where as life coaching is like architecture, you work with what you’ve got in the present and uniquely design for the future. Life coaching provides a safe confidential space to align with your talents, gifts and strengths while feeling the support of a trained professional to design and move you towards greater fulfillment and meaning. The coach training school I learned from, says it well – “The coach’s role is to raise the level of consciousness of the client through questions that allow the client to choose what they want, what they are prepared to do and what they are prepared to commit to them self in the present moment”.
What makes working with a spiritual life coach unique is the belief system they hold, the perspectives they keep and the space they hold. In addition to my beliefs and skills I have as a coach and that any coach would have, it is the knowledge and trust I have within me of the world beyond what we can see and the power inherent in each of us to be who we are uniquely called to be that inspires the coaching relationships I co-create. When I meet kindred spirits who are seeking coaching and a healing, powerful relationship to catapult them forward, magic happens. Safety, confidence, intuition, and trust within the relationship create the potential for rich personal transformation and connection. To be seen is to be healed. I love being offered the opportunity to really ‘see’ my clients. It is always an honor and it is a deeply intimate space. It is important when embarking on a coaching relationship to find a suitable match. This is what makes the coaching dynamic so powerful. This is when the ripple effect of personal change and transformation happen.
A Six Sensory™ Practitioner is an intuitive guide that leads you on a journey towards greater intimacy with yourself, your intuition, and the world beyond your five senses. The practitioner creates a safe and compassionate space for you to tune in to the voice of your soul and awaken to your inner wisdom, innate gifts and authentic self. The process of working with a Six Sensory™ Practitioner is gentle, transformational and healing. It is designed to connect you with your own inner knowing.
An intuitive reading is a self-discovery tool to get you in touch with the voice of your soul and your heart’s true desires. It will allow you to see and feel things you might not be conscious of in your day to day life. The reading will provide gentle guidance to your questions and will shed light on your soul’s path. The reading will help you see your gifts and talents and will point to opportunities for growth and development. It will offer you a new perspective in your life with your relationships, career, and well-being. It will help you feel safe and connected to yourself and your life. It is not meant to make any decisions for you and predict the future. Readings with Julie become conversations from a place of spirit, a place where you connect to your infinite resourcefulness and blind spots and obstacles become illuminated. It is an experience that moves you to greater clarity, acceptance and growth.