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I’m looking VERY forward to facilitating Deeper Conversations Coaching with the wise and witty Anne C. Kelly, ICF PCC, CMC and I look forward to welcoming YOU. Inquire and register here Fellow credentialed coaches come earn your CCEUs and join these impactful conversations from the amazing creators Jamee Tenzer, PCC, BCC and Sheri Boone, […]

Feet on the ground amidst the lockdown measures in Montreal.

Feet on the ground

  Feet on the ground. Intention for my day. Most days, but today especially. How are my toes? My heels? My ankles? My knees, my thighs, hips and chest? How is my heart feeling? My jaw, is it tight ? What about my brow? My eyes? What about my shoulders, are they by my ears? […]

Doubling up on Self-Care

self care

I’m reflecting on what I heard High Sensitivity expert and consultant (and cherished guest on my podcast) Alane Freund share the other day, which landed me, in just the right place. Alane said especially right now, in these times, we need to be “DOUBLING UP ON SELF-CARE.” Alane also said, “When it gets hard, it’s harder […]