Trust your intuition, honor your body's wisdom, and use your voice for change.

Individual healing and change benefits the collective. May you honor yourself, each other, and the planet.

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certified life coach, executive coach, certified mentor coach, and intuitive consultant, producer and host of ‘Julie in Conversation’

Hi, I’m Julie. Welcome.

I’m a certified life coach, certified mentor coach, executive coach, coach educator and intuitive consultant and podcast host and producer committed to helping you feel inspired about who you are and the positive impact you want to make. I support leaders, artists, executives, and change makers use their voice for change, trust their intuition, gain clarity and lead with meaning and purpose.

I know the path can feel solitary and fraught with uncertainty. It can raise our fears and self-doubt and attract lots of external ‘noise’ (voices telling us how it should be), but together we can turn down the volume on this.

As a professional certified life coach with over 16 years of experience working with individuals and groups worldwide, I am here to walk alongside you and support you in revving up your courage and strength to be who you are fully, completely and unapologetically. I am here to help you trust in yourself and your own best answers so that you can do the work you are meant to do and make the positive impact that is yours to uniquely make.

My commitment is driven by the desire to assist individuals in honoring themselves and the world in which we live. I have spent hundreds of hours coaching individuals from all over the world for the last 16 years and have produced and hosted a successful podcast featuring hours of conversations with  bestselling authors and leading voices in our world today.

I invite you to take the time to really honor and deeply listen to yourself. What is calling your attention? How can you give to yourself today? I will help you make the space to hear what you need and what you want to create. To nurture your gifts and strengths and to pave the way to your own success and fulfillment. This is the way you can be the force that enriches your life and those around you, at a time when we seem to need it most. 

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Be the change maker. The ground breaker. The pioneering woman. Gain clarity and transform. Trust yourself and take the leap. I am here to support you. I will champion you and stand in your corner. Find out how.
Herein lies a healing space for you to tune in to your own wisdom. Connect to your own answers and lead from there. Tune out distractions and pave your own trail. We will meet in this space. Connect and transform here.
Are you ready to obtain or renew your coaching credential? I am a certified mentor coach available to coaches seeking to obtain or renew their ACC credentential. Learn more.

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