Sonia Seta Kvadratna

Julie is a grounded soul guide healer and teacher whom I recommend with the highest of respect. Working with Julie will help elevate your awareness, vibration and level of success in all areas of your life. She is a true gift to the world.

Rita Hyland

Julie’s ability to connect with the soul’s path of another is extraordinary. She provided just-in-time specific guidance for the feeding of my spirit. The guidance returned me to my soul’s path when I was unclear and desired re-direction and focus. Julie’s connection brought clarity, confidence of right direction, and restored peace. She is a very gifted and talented woman.

I’ve had the distinct honor of observing Julie’s excellent and skillful coaching. She provides a space of complete safety and acceptance for her clients. She has a particular talent of asking just the right questions that serve to guide them masterfully and create those wonderful ‘aha’ moments. Thank you, Julie for being such an amazing and powerful coach!”

I have been working with Julie for the past seven years in my continued commitment to fulfilling my purpose in life. It was both major personal and professional transitions that led me to seek out Julie’s help. She has been an invaluable support and source of wisdom over the years. Julie has a unique and invaluable ability to listen deeply both to what you convey to her and what is beneath your words. This triggers a transformation from the inside out. The space she holds has allowed me to access my own intuitive wisdom and move through some deeply challenging experiences. The space she holds offers possibilities for practical solutions as well as connection to intuitive and universal wisdom. Her gentle yet clear delivery has allowed me to access my own inner essence and I am profoundly grateful for the time I spend with her. She is honest and comes to what she does with integrity and compassionate kindness. Julie is a gift to all who are fortunate to cross her path.


Julie is an absolutely unique and AMAZING Intuitive Life Coach!!! Her intuition is impressively accurate. She always has THE perfect words to describe how I am feeling or what is going on inside of me throughout our sessions together. Whenever I am unable to express or understand what is going on, Julie illuminates me with her words. In Julie’s presence, I feel soothed, supported, and safe. She creates a space that allows for openness and tuning in. After every single Life Coaching session, I could feel a profound energetic shift within me, which lead to an alignment with my soul’s desires… WOW! Julie is a gifted soul. She truly cares for all beings and delightfully infuses her soulful wisdom all while empowering each one to connect to their inner wisdom, respecting their personal rhythm.

Wherever you are at on your path, Julie will skillfully guide you.
Thank YOU!!!’


Julie Cusmariu is a master at the art of insight, and she uses this gift to help her clients take a fresh look at themselves and the limitless possibilities that bless every one of our lives. She is inspiration incarnate.

Rhonda Griffin, Actress

Julie is such a committed coach and a gifted intuitive. Julie helped bring forth awareness that enabled me to make positive movement in my career and in my life. Julie helped me with my limiting beliefs that had been blocking me in the past. Julie has truly been a blessing in my life.

Taline Tarpinian

I am ever grateful for Julie. She has been a gentle guiding force in my life for the past three years. Julie, is an incredibly deep listener who hears beyond the spoken words, a wise and patient soul, with a canny ability to create a space where one’s internal thoughts and feelings come to take meaningful shape. I have walked into her sessions with pieces of puzzles I did not know what to do with, and each time I would walk away having put them together into a beautiful, achievable, completed picture. If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to cross paths with her, I hope you will give yourself the gift of her services. I have found magic in each of my sessions with Julie. My intuition has taken shape and most importantly it has found a distinct voice I can finally hear. Thank you, Julie!


Julie brings the best of both worlds into her work: A clear connection to the wisdom of the etheric realm, and a straightforward, feet-on the ground delivery. Her insights gave me guidance for the next appropriate actions to take, as well as a sense of reassurance that I am on track with the key themes I know to be true about my life. Thank you, Julie, for trusting your gifts. You have, in turn, helped me to trust mine.

Geneviève Emond

Julie a été très sensible, efficace et perspicace dans sa façon de m’accompagner individuellement et en groupe sur une période de plus d’une année. C’est une coach solide en qui j’ai entièrement confiance, qui a su me guider vers des vérités importantes pour moi à un moment de transition très critique. J’adore en plus son approche basée sur l’écoute de l’intuition. Je la recommande sans réserve : ce sera juste et fort authentique !

Deb Waterstone

I had the good fortune to meet Julie through an intuitive reading session and wow, what a great experience! I was struck right away by her powerful presence and luminous energy that literally seemed to flow right through the phone into my heart. She spoke to things that felt personal and relevant even though she had never met me before. And the space she created for me to receive her insights, ask questions, and share anything that came up for me was like being wrapped in a warm blanket. I wanted more!

I continue to benefit from Julie’s skills, gifts, and talents through my ongoing relationship with her as my intuitive coach and mentor. Regardless of what I bring to a session, she intuitively and lovingly serves as my guide and helps me shine a light on the deeper, more soulful connections. My experience with Julie truly has been the gift that keeps on giving!

Grace Kerina Testimonial for Julie Cusmariu

Extensively trained and wonderfully easy to connect with, Julie helps people develop intuition as a tool for tuning in – to ourselves and others – through her coaching, consulting, writing, website, blog, and radio broadcasts.

In every one of Julie’s broadcasts I’ve listened to and in the online pages and emails I’ve read, her calming manner, deep wisdom, and genuine willingness to listen and learn shine through.

Heather Dawn Busher

I keep telling people how amazing my reading was with you.

I must say that working with Julie was transformative and opened the door to some of the most profound awarenesses I have had. It was not just becoming aware of the power of forgiveness, the power of being in the moment and the power of acceptance, but also the depth of those awarenesses that was of importance. Words can only be a first step toward conveying the value I received from working with Julie in this way. The true power can only be felt and I can say, truly, I feel it on a daily basis.

Hi Julie,  Got my CD (mediation audio collection) today.  Thank you so much for doing this.  I am sure you have been told before, you have the voice of an angel.  You are so easy to listen to.  You just sort of drift away, into that wonderful place to be.  Thank you, Thank you.

Although our Networking Club is a group of more than twenty people from different orientations, you brought us along a significant way in terms of group energy, focus and understanding of the topic. Many of us were surprised at how quickly our hearts, indeed, provide answers to our questions …powerful stuff, indeed. As you said, you clearly ‘walk your talk’ and it was really fun seeing you in action.


(Julie) you are like wax on skis!


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