Are you looking to satisfy your ICF mentor coaching hour requirements towards your ICF Credential (ACC or PCC)?

Do you need

1. RENEW your ICF credential (ACC)

2. EARN your ICF credential (ACC or PCC) certification


3. Are you looking to hone and refresh your coaching skills and would like to simply join for a learning and growth and development opportunity?

I would love to welcome you to this development opportunity along your coaching journey.
The ICF requirements stipulates that to renew or earn your credential you must have 10 hours of mentor coaching. 7 of the 10 hours can be in a group format and 3 of those hours MUST be 1:1.


Here’s how we can work together and what I’m offering:

A group mentor coaching experience that includes all you need to gain and renew your ICF credential. And by the way, many coaches when looking for ways to earn their mentoring hours, don’t know the benefits first hand of mentoring in a group experience BUT once you experience mentoring in a group with other like minded coaches,  the benefits are immediately obvious and invaluable to the professional development and personal development of coaches. If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to ask me how.

This is what you can expect and when:
7 hours of group coaching (5 sessions 4 x 1.5 hours, 1 x 1 hour)
3 hours of 1:1 coaching (includes 1 hour of mentoring/debrief of a recorded coaching session 25-30 mins which will be sent to Julie in advance. These sessions must be scheduled within 4 months of starting the program).
(There is also an option to join for the 7 hours of group coaching only if you already have your 1:1 hours fulfilled).


Dates and hours
5 Tuesdays
October 18- January 17 12 pm ET- 1:30 pm ET
Tuesdays 12pm ET- 1:30 p.m.  October 18, November 15, November 29, December 20, January 17 (12:00-1:00 p.m.)
Limited space. Accepting maximum of 6 participants and a minimum of 4.
More upcoming groups beginning in late 2022 and in 2023. Inquire here for more dates and to reserve your spot.


Rate: $1375 USD for 7 hours of group coaching and 3 1:1 coaching
Rate for 7 hours of group mentoring : $805 USD
Register by emailing Julie to reserve your spot and once confirmed you will then receive a payment request. Split payment also available. Just ask Julie.


What takes place?
We will meet on Zoom for every group session. Everyone will have an opportunity to be the coach and to be the client (peer to peer coaching). Julie will offer direct mentoring feedback on each coaching session and observations and acknowledgements will also be shared by other participants. During each session, there will be 2 coaching sessions of 20 minutes each (except for the final session where there will be 1 coaching session). The integrity and breadth and depth of the 8 ICF core competencies and code of ethics will be woven through all the sessions, allowing different competencies to be highlighted in each mentor coaching session. The 1:1 sessions will be booked privately with Julie and take place throughout the 3 month group experience or 1 month after. For each session, you will send Julie a pre-recorded coaching session in advance to receive feedback and mentoring during the 1:1 session.


Just to reiterate , here are some of the benefits of being in a group mentoring experience, just to name a few! 
-listening to other coaches and sampling their style and strengths.
-diverse learning environment.
-creating and being part of a coaching community of learning and support to advance your profession.
-less cost than would otherwise be required for 10 1:1 mentoring sessions.
-growing your confidence in a group setting. learning and development tends to get amplified in a group.
-have an opportunity to receive coaching from skilled coaches.


More about Julie:
Julie has been a certified coach since 2007 and a certified mentor coach for 6 years (since 2016). Julie has hundreds of mentor coaching hours under her belt supporting individuals and groups experienced and new coaches internationally. Including coaches and groups in Guangzhou China to Kenya, Africam Montreal, Canada. Julie is an ICF certified professional coach, certified mentor coach, coach trainer and facilitator and Intuitive Consultant with over 15 years in the field of coaching and transformation. Julie trains, coaches and mentors new coaches and experienced coaches worldwide and facilitates coach education and inspires meaningful coaching conversations. For over 10 years Julie has been interviewing thought leaders and bestselling authors on her widely listened to podcast Julie in Conversation. Julie is pulled by curiosity and fuelled by passion and is both fascinated and humbled by the human experience, daily.

-Coach trainer for International ICF Certified Programs- Level 1 & Level 2

– Certified Mentor Coach- Group and individual mentor coach for Int’l schools and in private practice

– Lead facilitator for CCE programs for experienced coaches.

– Personal Professional Life and Executive Coach, certified since 2007

– Comprehensive ICF-PCC Accessor Marker Training

Julie’s work is exemplary and of the highest caliber. She is masterful at facilitation and holding a space of acceptance and learning for every participant. Her attention to each person provides safety, connection, and growth for every member of the groups she works with. We highly recommend Julie as a trainer, mentor, coach, and facilitator.   Sheri Boone, MCC Jamee Tenzer, MCC

Julie’s profile on ICF 

I felt that I was being mentored by the best. Julie’s style is honest, open, joyful, direct and perceptive.” Sari, ACC Coach

Certified Mentor Coach

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