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Come join us to exercise your vulnerability

Let’s meet in this safe and welcoming space and shake off some anxiety, fear, accumulated energy (and oh, there is lots of that I know, I can speak for myself), and find some ground. Release, feel, heal, and be with yourself in the company of an intentional group of fellow people. I look forward to welcoming you.

I typically hold these events monthly in person in Montreal and throughout the pandemic the time and location has been in flux. Meeting the moment, the time, the need, the capacity and seeing where it takes me and us in our next meeting. I hope you join us to release, energize and feel the connection to yourself.

What you need to bring to participate and benefit from this experience outdoors:

Please note:
You must have access to SPOTIFY (Premium), your own headphones and mobile device. This is the main difference between the outside and inside experience. Despite having the freedom of being outside the one limitation is needing a device with the Spotify App which I hope will not limit you from attending. Let me know if I can be of any further support with this. And Spotify premium is the paid subscription that allows you to download the playlist and is the version recommended. Once you have the app, you will be able to receive the playlist that I will send next week before the event. Then you will ideally download the playlist so it is available when you are offline (if you don’t want to use your data or don’t have Wifi or whatever it may be). Once you register you will receive the location and the playlist.





$30 CDN

Move out of your comfort zone, stretch yourself. Meet yourself beyond limitations. Dance. It’s safe to do so here. I welcome you. Here’s to letting yourself be danced.