Deborah MacNamara, PhD, author of Nourished, joins Julie in Conversation

By Julie Cusmariu – January 27, 2024


Deborah MacNamara is a wonderful human and masterful teacher and author and still I just had to cover my bases on this one thing!

Was this book (Nourished: Connection, Food, And Caring For Our Kids (and everyone else we love) going to remind me that I need to do better in the kitchen? I mean it’s a given, as a parent, that there’s always room for improvement in the kitchen (well for me, anyway) and comparison and expectation and exhaustion and and and…And yet, chapter by chapter, worry and fear began to subside and the complete opposite of what I imagined I would feel began to take hold. Good, more confident feelings began to settle in me.

The wisdom shared in this book (which I’m still digesting and will learn more with Deborah’s upcoming course on this topic) gave me the chance to feel empowered as a parent/caregiver and provider. Truly. I am EVEN experiencing some moments of reduced mental and emotional exhaustion around meal time (could it be?!). And that’s just one of the many gifts this book has provided (but that’s a big one!). Of course it’s always a work in progress, I mean everything is, isn’t it? But gaining this insight has felt nothing short of miraculous (you know when things align and make sense in very significant ways, ways that can span generations?).

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A timely, wise, and much-needed book. In a society that alienates us from our caregiving instincts, its lessons could not be more urgent.” Gabor Maté, MD.

Nourished is not only a book on parenting, but also arguably a foundational book on becoming a provider in the deepest sense of that construct, form the inside out, to all sides of the child, and fo all the seasons of parenting.” Gordon Neufeld. PhD.

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