What if the Interruption Is The Practice?
Reflections on slowing down, tuning into our soma, creating space and building capacity with Flavia Jimenez and Julie Cusmariu

Reflections on slowing down, tuning into our soma, creating space and building capacity’; A podcast conversation between Julie Cusmariu and Flavia Jimenez about the Embodied Social Justice certificate program, take aways, insights gained and what remains to digest and unpack and integrate into life, personally and professionally.

We each sought out collaboration on the project and found a connection point through our work as coaches interested in embodiment and somatic awareness for ourselves and the individuals we work with daily.

May you benefit from the conversation. 
In it you will also hear how we stumbled upon the title for the podcast: What If The Interruption Is The Practice? 
And wisdom from lived experience and 
Get info on Flavia’s upcoming retreat hosted by herself and Jessica Sandhu – Renewal and Healing Yoga Retreat in the Sacred Valley of Peru coming up March 2024.

About Flavia Jimenez
Flavia holds a JD from New York Law School and a life coaching certification from Leadership that Works. She received her yoga teaching certificate in 2019 and has a Certificate in Mindful Leadership from Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Center. She is currently focusing her yoga learning on yin and restorative yoga.

Flavia Jimenez

Embodying Social Justice Certificate Program
Register for this one-of-a-kind, once per year, 3-month certificate program committed to collective liberation by increasing awareness, unlearning oppressive social patterns, repairing relationships and building trust & belonging. Go beyond conventional DEI to where bias and breakdown lives: in the body.