Welcome to Dance Your Intuition- Virtual

Thank you for choosing to spend an hour of your day in this way. To dance your intuition, to fill your cup.

Here are the details.

Please have with you:
1. Water to stay hydrated
2. Space to move
3. Speakers connected to your laptop or phone for maximum sound (optional of course)
4. Your intention for how you want to feel by the end of our dance experience together.
Here’s the zoom link.
How will the hour unfold ? We will meet. Introduce ourselves individually. Share where we are joining from  and what you want to dance out and through. What you want to feel by the end of the hour. We will dance with curated music by me coming through your speakers on your device/computer. In closing you have an opportunity to share how you feel and what you are taking with you back into your day. 
About Zoom:
Before starting the first session please take 15 minutes to download Zoom. Follow these steps outlined below ( which are also demonstrated in this short Zoom tutorial video)
1. Download the Zoom app for meetings onto your computer at https://zoom.us/download.
2. Create an account with Zoom with your email address and password at https://zoom.us/
3. To join the meeting click on the link and you will be asked to sign in.
Please zoom into the session 5-10 minutes before the start time to give yourself ample time to connect and be ready.
Here’s the zoom link.
I look forward to welcoming you.