‘Nourished’ with Deborah MacNamara, PhD.

By Julie Cusmariu – January 24, 2024

“Just because you eat food doesn’t mean you’re nourished.” Deborah MacNamara

Deborah MacNamara returns to the podcast with podcast host Julie Cusmariu to discuss her groundbreaking new book, ‘Nourished: Connection, Food, And Caring For Our Kids (and everyone else we love).

Deborah MacNamara takes us on a deep and insightful journey through storytelling, a fantastic riddle (the answer to which is revealed in this podcast at the end), provocative questions, developmental science and robust research to help us make sense of our relationship to food and to reclaim nourishment. I couldn’t agree more with what Dr. Gordon Neufeld declared “After reading this groundbreaking work, it will be impossible for you to ever view food as just food again.”

And I just loved this question posed by Deborah on page 74 of the book and to those she interviewed for Nourished “If you could choose one person to cook for you, who would it be?” What a great and poignant question to ask each other and our kids. There is so much to gain from reading this book, so much to digest and take in, so much to savour and explore. May it provide you with as much nourishment as it provided for me. Thank you Deborah and thank you everyone for tuning in and for the work you are doing in this world as providers and caretakers.

Praise for Nourished

Nourished is not only a book on parenting, but also arguably a foundational book on becoming a provider in the deepest sense of that construct, form the inside out, to all sides of the child, and fo all the seasons of parenting.” Gordon Neufeld. PhD.

A timely, wise, and much-needed book. In a society that alienates us from our caregiving instincts, its lessons could not be more urgent.” Gabor Maté, MD.

Stunningly beautiful, an ode to love, relationships and food. Dr. MacNamara shows how true nourishment is about connection and how the family meal can be a celebration of emotional closeness.” Mona Delahooke, PhD.

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Rest, Play, Grow: Making Sense of Preschoolers (or anyone who acts like one)

Making our way through with Deborah MacNamara

About Deborah MacNamara

As a trusted and experienced clinical counsellor for over 25 years in mental health and educational settings as well as private practice, Deborah serves as a leading international expert who provides counselling and educational services to support parents, professionals, and educators. She is also a professional speaker who has presented to the United Nations and The Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education. Deborah specializes in the relational-developmental approach based on the work of Dr. Gordon Neufeld, empowering parents to become the expert on their children with everyday questions and practical strategies. She came to this work as a new mother herself, curious and confident that his approach could shift not only her children’s futures forever, but also her professional approach to supporting and helping others. Today, she serves on Faculty at the Neufeld Institute. Deborah is the author of the best selling book, Rest, Play, Grow: Making Sense of Preschoolers (or anyone who acts like one) which has been translated into 14 languages and the children’s picture book, The Sorry Plane, which is available in three languages. Her newest book is Nourished: Connection, Food, and Caring for our Kids (and everyone else we love). Www.JulieinConversation.comDeborah MacNamara returns to Julie in Conversation to discuss her recent book ‘Nourished: Connection, Food, And Caring For Our Kids (and everyone else we love).’ www.MacNamara.ca


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