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Welcome to Julie in conversation Wednesdays at 2pm ET. Join Julie as she speaks with change makers and pioneers who are making our world a community.

Join me live each week Wednesdays at 2pm ET as I speak with individuals at the forefront of science, healing, spirituality, consciousness, social justice. your voice is needed too. be sure to join us live and send us your comments and questions.


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What listeners are saying

Julie has a knack for bringing thought leaders to her show. Be sure to tune in. When you do, you’ll have the opportunity to hear cutting-edge, enlightened conversation about the topics that matter most right now – hope, happiness, and wellbeing. Julie is a bright light who brings out the best in her guests, her clients, and the world. I love working with Julie!


HeartBeat is refreshing. Julie holds down to earth conversations with interesting intelligent people and I come away informed, inspired and encouraged. I feel like I’m sitting with friends having a chat – but the conversations are with these amazing leaders and authors! – Julie’s way draws me in and I feel I’m part of the intimate setting and am actually having a chance to get to know and meet her guests … her friends! It’s a good moment to get me over my mid-week slump – exactly when I need it most.