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Join Julie Cusmariu on Wednesdays in intimate conversations with bestselling authors, scientists and leading voices to inspire individual and collective change and that move us ever so gently towards greater collective health and social healing. Together, let’s be curious about ourselves and each other, let’s uncover what we are not seeing, mitigate our biases, let’s celebrate our differences, take care of ourselves and each other, and expand our consciousness. Let’s do this together, in conversation.

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Next broadcast: April 24, 2024

Julie Cusmariu

Julie Cusmariu is a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Mentor Coach, Experienced Facilitator, Intuitive Consultant and Podcast Host and Producer with over 16 years of experience in the field of coaching, healing, and transformation. Julie supports leaders and change makers trust their intuition, make better decisions, gain clarity and lead with meaning and purpose.
For over 12 years Julie has been interviewing thought leaders, scientists, psychologists and bestselling authors on her widely listened to podcast ‘Julie in Conversation’, a podcast dedicated to individual and collective healing and change. Julie facilitates, coaches and mentors individuals and groups worldwide. Julie is pulled by curiosity and fuelled by passion and is both fascinated and humbled by the human experience, daily.

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Previously on the series #Motherhood, #Let’sCreateAVillage

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Julie supports leaders, artists and change makers use their voice to create change, gain clarity and lead with meaning and purpose. Heart Beat, Julie’s first podcast, debuted in 2009 and featured renowned guests such as Sonya Lyubomirksy, Byron Katie, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Margaret Wheatley, Dacher Keltner, Dr. Judith Orloff and more. Julie’s most recent completed podcast series, #Motherhood #Let’sCreateAVillage inspired by her own journey as a new mother to 2 beautiful boys (now 11 and 8) hit the podcast airwaves for 14 months and 39 episodes featuring bestselling authors, scientists and change makers including Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Harriet Lerner, Deborah MacNamara, Asha Frost and more. Julie in Conversation is a creation inspired by Julie’s own journey and desire to inspire individual and collective change and to contribute to social and individual health and healing. Be sure to tune in to Julie in Conversation.  More About Julie

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Join Julie, in conversation with expert guests, as she journeyed through marriage and then pregnancy and birth for the first time.

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