Michelle Osbourne

By Julie Cusmariu – December 20, 2018
Michelle Osbourne

Michelle Osbourne, breaking rules and blazing trails as a queer woman of colour and first time mom at 42. She has a lot to say.

Michelle Osbourne is a minimalist mom, social media enthusiast, educator, a women’s rights advocate but, most of all a dreamer. She has spent most of her career working alongside highly influential people at some of the most elite organizations and she’s just now starting to find her way. Her post-secondary education is in finance but, the thought of staring at numbers every day for the rest of her life nauseated her so she walked away. The result, she’s now an interdisciplinary speaker, social media consultant and educator with over 20 years of expertise in project management and communications. At 40 years old, this-old-new-mom left a bad marriage, quit her high paying job, met the love of her life, moved to another province, went back to school, learned a new language, started a new career and had a baby – all in the span of less than 5 years. Is she bad ass or what? She now enjoys travelling, teaching and speaking on a variety of topics that touch on the subjects of reinventing your life after 40 and embracing change. Michelle is a native Torontonian who now resides in Québec City with her partner and daughter Naïma.

Listen to this enjoyable and moving conversation as Michelle shares her fierce and poetic trailblazing ways as a queer woman of colour navigating motherhood in her 40’s. At 42 Michelle was pregnant with her now 2 year old daughter and is inspiring women through reinvention and change.




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