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Marion Light

Marion Light

Marion Light has worked in the field of energy medicine and mindfulness for over twenty years. Marion is a registered Polarity therapy educator and certified craniosacral therapist. Her gift is in holding a safe and sacred space for others to uncover who they are. While she listens and connects deeply to the whole being, the […]

Mindfulness in motherhood

Present moment awareness

Is this why it’s often hard to be present? And isn’t this also why it’s so powerful when we can be ? We have access to so much in the present moment. Where are you right now ? Past? Present ? Future? Even just noticing is all you may need right now. It’s a practice […]

Motherhood, let’s create a village

Faces of Mother

  Embracing mother. All of her. All of you. The mother we are and the mother we are not. The mother we had and the mother we didn’t have. The mother we want to be and the mother we don’t want to be. Mother as we know her in all her splendor. Me, you, all […]

Navigating motherhood and careerhood on a snow day in Montreal


It was a snow day here in Montreal yesterday which meant school and daycare was cancelled and the boys were home with me for the day. This meant fun day, play day for them. For me on the other hand it meant another day of switching gears between full time with them and full/part time […]

Happy 2015 everyone ! I am happy it’s time for the new.


Happy New Year!  Happy 2015 ! I am happy the energy of ‘new’ is upon me. I am eager to usher it in to my life and am already feeling it. It feels like getting to the top of a hill and finally being able to see the horizon. 2014 was a busy year for […]