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Nic Strack

Nic Strack

Nic Strack (she/they/he) Empowerment Coach for Moms on Motherhood, on coming out as Genderqueer and Shifting Paradigms in Parenthood Conventional wisdom tells mothers to put their children first, no matter what. Well, maybe that worked in 1967, but that doesn’t work today (and it probably never did). Nic Strack is here to set mamas across the […]

Ellie Ballentine


Ellie Ballentine, MBA, M.Ed counselling is the founder of Ellie Ballentine – The Mindset Mentor, a business devoted to coaching and facilitating professionals in finding their genius, confidence and mindful leadership. Ellie has effectively helped clients from all over the world create powerful and successful habits, cultivate and maintain deep and meaningful relationships, and inspired […]

Intuition & Motherhood


Intuition, Motherhood & The Art of Trusting Yourself In this show I was in conversation with you, the listeners. There was a lot of beauty in this experience. I got to connect more with the village being created. I opened the phone lines ( Skype lines) and did an intuitive reading to a listener, I […]

How connecting to your child self heals

Child self

My child self. This is who I am looking at today. When the judgement and self critique comes in high this is who I will look at. When discouragement and disapproval rise, this is the self that I am reminded of. This child. Our child selves. Our children. The children. Tender. Precious. Beautiful. Unadulterated. Joy […]