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A meditation for swirling emotions

a meditation for swirling emotions

    The podcast that emerged this week was a meditation. A moment to pause. A space to welcome the swirling feelings. May it be of benefit. Www.JulieinConversation.com #mediation #listen #feelings #heart #acknowledge #individualandcollective

Dance your year: An audio experience.

audio experience

This hour on the final episode of the year, I created an experience for you, to be with your year and your decade through a music-accompanied guided meditative experience so we can feel and know, and thus make room for what’s ahead. Together being in the “no longer, but not yet’ space, as 2020 approaches. […]

Meditation for Intuition

I use meditation in my own life to tune out the distractions, get quiet and connect with my interior world and my intuition. Meditation shows up in various ways for me, from walking meditation to running meditation, to sitting meditation  with my eyes closed on a comfortable chair. All these ways of meditation invite me to move beyond the limitations of my mind, into my […]