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Get coached a make AND difference. Participate in the WLA CoachAthon !


Is there something you would like clarity on? A new perspective? A place to access your own innate wisdom? Click here to book this coaching session with me (via Zoom) for only 35$USD. I look forward to welcoming you. Thank you to all who are participating. Get coached and make a difference. Wednesday November 17th! […]

Time out, to pause, notice and soften effort.

guided meditation podcast

 What would it be like to soften effort? To relax, ease into the effort required? Listen to this podcast and allow yourself to connect to the moment, to yourself to what is present and rising in you. For more episodes visit www.JulieinConversation.com and wherever you find your podcasts. Apple Podcasts, Spreaker, Spotify, Google Play […]

What’s the difference between life coaching and therapy?

difference between therapy and life coaching?

  I once heard this great analogy ( I can’t remember the source) that really helps to understand the difference between therapy and life Coaching. Therapy is like archeology where the focus is on excavating, digging, unearthing and examining the past to understand the present, (emotional patterns/old wounds affecting present behaviours, emotions, tendencies are identified […]

Laura Berman Fortgang

Laura Berman Fortgang

  Laura’s professional life is anchored by her international reputation as a pioneer in the personal coaching field and a founding board member of the ICF. Only one expression of her twenty five years of supporting people to find meaning, purpose and satisfaction in their lives, Laura is also a best-selling author, sought-after speaker, corporate […]


florida sunrise beach

Perspective. Taking some time away can do that. Even if it’s simply time away from the day to day routine in the same physical location. Often by the end of it we find perspective. However significant or not. A subtle shift can create change. Any change. Unplugging. Tuning out. Digital distractions diminished. What have you […]