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Asha Frost’s ‘You Are The Medicine’ is launched into the world today!

Asha Frost

I learn from, laugh with, and very much love and cherish Asha Frost. ❤️Asha Frost, Indigenous Medicine Woman, my friend, and cherished guest on my podcast, has written a book, receiving enormous praise to today Asha’s book is officially launched into the world! Happy happy book birthday. 🎉 This remarkable book by this remarkable woman […]

Michelle Osbourne

Michelle Osbourne

Michelle is a multi-disciplined educator and communications strategist that specializes in helping community organizations and entrepreneurs build their brand. As a women’s rights advocate and content creator she can often be heard speaking on topics such as radical self-acceptance, women’s issues, racialized communities, LGBTQIA2+ rights and self-reinvention. She has been a guest speaker on CBC […]

Confronting racism, standing in solidarity with Black lives and the pandemic.

navigating the pandemic, confronting racism

Doreen Dodgen-Magee, a returning guest and friend of the podcast, is a beautiful example of heart filled, compassionate leadership, she is a beautiful human doing such meaningful work in the world. She helps us navigate the times we are in. doreen dodgen-magee, psy.d. is an award winning author, speaker, & psychologist. she has traveled the […]

marinating kale in a global pandemic with Vanessa Reid on Julie in Conversation

marinating kale in a global pandemic

  I was so moved when I read Vanessa Reid’s poetic words on Facebook from her perspective and experience in solo social isolation during this pandemic. Here’s the  unedited version of her gorgeous words read by her on the podcast, followed by our brief conversation. Thank you Vanessa. May her words marinate in you. Here’s […]