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Going with the flow, with Montreal intuitive life coach Julie Cusmariu

Voices That Create Change

  From this week’s podcast on ‘Going with the flow, when things don’t always feel so fluid.’ “Sometimes in life there’s no problem and sometimes, there is no solution. In this space- between these poles- life flows.” Rasheed Ogunlaru. You can listen to the full podcast and how the title and topic for the show […]

Coaching your intuition and celebrating the profession of coaching worldwide.


International Coaching Week just ended for 2018. Even Jeopardy has Coaching as a question. “Alex, what is professional coaching?” Correct. The International Coaching Federation has existed since 1995 dedicated to advancing the art, science and practice of professional coaching. I’ve been a certified life coach since 2007 and a certified mentor coach since 2016 based […]

Loving -Kindness practice an antidote to feeling polarized by politics


Timing is everything. And so it was just perfect when I received the article about Loving- Kindness meditation from mindful magazine. I was reminded of this practice that I enjoy and that is proven to increase positive emotions and offer other long term benefits. As my impulse to polarize individuals and myself based upon the politics […]