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Intuition and trusting yourself moment to moment.


This week on my live podcast I talked about intuition and the art of trusting ourselves. TRUST. Can we trust everything that led to this moment and that awaits us in the next ? Can we be present with what arises in the moment that may not reveal what is ahead? Can we be with […]

Do you trust that your intuition can lead you and can know the way?

Trust your intuition

  Intuition is your trusted ally, your companion, your wise guide. Intuition is a way of knowing and being and is a way to live and lead. A way that requires discernment and practice. May you trust your intuition and let it lead you. It is from this place that ‘it’ all unfolds. May it […]

Can you trust your intuition? May you let it lead.


  I hope you’re listening to your intuition today. Or at least recognizing that your intuition is speaking to you, even in this very moment. Can you hear it? What’s it saying ? We all have intuition. We might not hear it or trust it or act on it, but we all have it. The […]