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Madonna Maher


Madonna Maher – RN, Massage Therapist & Core Energetic Therapist. Madonna Maher has a deep passion for assisting people in connecting with their true feelings and choosing life. Core Energetics is a body -centered psychotherapy that works with our life energy and is centered around opening the heart and expanding one’s capacity to give and […]

Dr. Judith Orloff


Psychiatrist, Intuitive, Bestselling author of Emotional Freedom –



Renowned Teacher & Author – Listen below as Gangaji shares with us what it means to discover our true nature, and who we are. In this conversation Gangaji shares her deep wisdom on open heartedness, spirituality, freedom and fulfillment. You will truly enjoy Gangaji’s beautiful and wise expression.Enjoy. – See more at:

Marilyn Schlitz


Scientist & Anthropologist and President & CEO of The Institute of Noetic Sciences. Listen as Marilyn Schlitz shares with us her years of pioneering work in the areas of consciousness, healing and personal and social transformation in such a brilliant and beautiful way. –, & –

Dr. Ariel Policano

Dr Ariel Policano

Dr. Ariel Policano, ND, joins the conversation with host of Heart Beat and Montreal Life Coach Julie Cusmariu to tell us about The Women Go Raw RV tour. Policano headed up the Women Go Raw RV tour, a video project designed to document the impact that raw food is having on women’s health and women’s […]