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Going With The Flow

Voices That Create Change

These words inspired some of the podcast: “Sometimes in life there’s no problem and sometimes, there is no solution. In this space- between these poles- life flows.” Rasheed Ogunlaru. You can listen to the full podcast and how the title and topic for the show emerged within less than 24 hours, how going with the […]

Who Am I? Who are you really?

Who am I?

“Who am I?” Who are you really? In this episode, I delved into this question and the importance of asking it. Who are you really? There are many layers and contexts and complexities to raising this question. Listen in for more. A lens that lends itself to engaging with the essence of who you are, […]

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog! I am so glad you are here! I am excited to be posting my first entry! I am working on tweaking the design of this page to make it extremely user friendly and inviting. So stay tuned as changes occur.. Thank you for stopping by. I will be updating this page […]