Mindfulness in motherhood

By Julie Cusmariu – November 30, 2017

Present moment awareness

Is this why it’s often hard to be present? And isn’t this also why it’s so powerful when we can be ? We have access to so much in the present moment. Where are you right now ? Past? Present ? Future? Even just noticing is all you may need right now. It’s a practice after all. …
Thank you to Marion Light for bringing her presence to the latest episode of #motherhood #letscreateavillage on ‘Julie in Conversation’. Have a listen here

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Here’s to creating a village of support and inspiration as we navigate the journey through motherhood and beyond. 🌍❤️

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Julie Cusmariu is a certified life coach, certified mentor coach, and intuitive consultant. She helps leaders and creative individuals trust their intuition to make better decisions, gain clarity, and lead with meaning and purpose. Julie is the host, creator, and producer of ‘Julie in Conversation’ a weekly live podcast with expert guests inspiring individual and global change.
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