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Unpacking Deborah MacNamara’s book ‘Nourished’, one bite at a time.


Because just one episode speaking to Deborah MacNamara about her book, ‘Nourished: Connection, Food And Caring For Our Kids (and everyone else we love), wasn’t nearly enough, I followed up with this episode. In this hour I savour some of the insight received and more content, highlights from my conversation with Deborah, content from the […]

‘Nourished’ with Deborah MacNamara, PhD.


“Just because you eat food doesn’t mean you’re nourished.” Deborah MacNamara Deborah MacNamara returns to the podcast with podcast host Julie Cusmariu to discuss her groundbreaking new book, ‘Nourished: Connection, Food, And Caring For Our Kids (and everyone else we love). Deborah MacNamara takes us on a deep and insightful journey through storytelling, a fantastic […]

Check inward, first. A podcast including a (short) meditation to Care Without Carrying It All.

Meditation to let go.

Here’s an excerpt from a meditation that was part of my most recent podcast ‘first of all, check inward’ shared in the context of an upcoming virtual workshop I am hosting with Nicole Schiener @peaceandpossibility , Registered Psychotherapist and Compassion Fatigue Professional, ‘Caring Without Carrying It All.’ May you enjoy these almost 4 minutes to check […]

A meditation for swirling emotions

a meditation for swirling emotions

    The podcast that emerged this week was a meditation. A moment to pause. A space to welcome the swirling feelings. May it be of benefit. #mediation #listen #feelings #heart #acknowledge #individualandcollective

Flavia Jimenez – What if the Interruption IS the Practice?

Embodied Social Justice

What if the Interruption Is The Practice? Reflections on slowing down, tuning into our soma, creating space and building capacity, a podcast conversation between Julie Cusmariu and Flavia Jimenez about the Embodied Social Justice certificate program, take aways, insights gained and what remains to digest and unpack and integrate into life, personally and professionally. We […]