Pause- a group life coaching experience with Julie Cusmariu

By Julie Cusmariu – October 8, 2014

Come join Julie Cusmariu, Sundays November 9th – December 7th and get coached in a safe and intimate group.

If the time feels ripe for you to ‘Pause’ and connect to yourself and the life you are living then it would be a great pleasure to have you join us.

When? Sunday evenings- November 9- December 7th

What time? 7-9 pm

Where? Shri Yoga in Westmount (a beautiful studio)

This group life coaching experience will benefit you if you are:

  • assimilating a life transition
  • in between opportunities
  • anticipating change
  • birthing something or someone new
  • undergoing a change
  • In a process of letting go and/or discovery
and find yourself repeatedly saying:
  • I need to move forward
  • I keep coming up against the same block
  • How can I be more patient ?
  • How can I accept where I am more graciously and willingly ?
  • I’m tired and need a break
  • I need to enjoy the moment
  • Can I enjoy where I am despite not being where I thought I would be ?
  • What is unfolding/ coming into being?

In these 5 weeks you will breathe, meditate, dance, speak your voice, feel, connect to your intuition and be with yourself and others. You will have the opportunity to bring more peace and clarity to wherever you are in your life by connecting to   yourself and engaging your senses.

About Julie Cusmariu

Julie Cusmariu inspires, uplifts and empowers individuals to use, trust and act on their intuition to live an inspired and success-filled life.  Julie is sought out for her unique capacity to create lasting experiences that evoke calm, inspiration and clarity for individuals wanting more, experiencing change, and asking “‘now what ?”

Register by October 21st to receive the early bird price and ensure your spot. Spaces are limited.

**EARLY BIRD Price: $225 Register below by October 21st  to receive the early bird price. Regular:$269 , Early Bird: $225**

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What is Group Coaching? – Group coaching is the experience of life coaching in a group setting ( between 4-16 individuals). Group coaching enables individuals to receive the support and healing power of being in a group while being coached. There is opportunity for one on one coaching as well as group and individual exercises designed to support the manifestation of individual goals,  intentions and authentic desires.

What is Life Coaching? – Life Coaching is a powerful and inspiring process that facilitates self-discovery and transformation on a very deep level. The premise behind coaching is that each client has their own best answers and holds the key to allowing their inner gifts and most important values to emerge. Coaching provides an on-going supportive relationship whereby the client’s strengths, values & desires are unearthed and expressed in their daily life. The coaching process catapults the client forward into living a richly authentic and inspired life.

EARLY BIRD Price: $225 Register below by October 21st to receive the early bird price. Regular:  $269 , Early Bird: $225.

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How can I benefit from joining a group coaching session?

  • In a group coaching session there is tremendous support, acceptance and camaraderie among the participants. Coaching groups can range in number from 4-16
  • The support and synergy of a group of like minded individuals creates the foundation for tremendous learning and accelerated personal growth.
  • Each individual in the group contributes to greater levels of support, championing and accountability for each other.
  • The social network and connections formed in group coaching continue to benefit you outside of the coaching arena.
  • It’s a cost effective way to have a personal life coach dedicated to you in a supportive community.

Who uses a coach and why?

  • Individuals looking for clarity, direction and purpose
  • Individuals looking to get unstuck and get going towards being inspired and fulfilled
  • Individuals looking to positively impact their own life and the lives of others through positive and meaningful leadership
  • Individuals looking to nurture and realize their dreams and vision for their life
  • Individuals looking to experience peace of mind, joy and lives that flow

Here’s what  participants had to say about their group coaching experience with Julie :

” Julie ( Cusmariu) is a master at the art of insight, and she uses this gift to help her clients take a fresh look at themselves and the limitless possibilities that bless every one of our lives. She is inspiration incarnate.” – Isa Tousignant

” A nurturing , safe space for better connection with myself and the others. ” anonymous

Julie’s keen insight, meditations and exercises led me to a deeper sense of who I am and why I am here. I have gained confidence in myself and reclaimed my power in just five weeks!! Thank you Julie!! Thank you for this wonderful experience! I got to observe and experience an expert at work. You are obviously meant to do this work!!” Mary D.

” During Julie’s ( life in transition 5 week) coaching group, I received clarity and conviction about following through confidently with a career change. Julie’s coaching group process enabled me to learn about my personal values, needs, and resources. In addition, I gained wisdom and support from the amazing women who participated in the group with me. Thank you Julie for making such an incredible group available. Much appreciated and highly recommended! Danusia Lapinski

**EARLY BIRD Price: $225 Register below by October 21st to receive the early bird price. Regular: $269 , Early Bird: $225**

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” What I remember most from group coaching with Julie was this amazing intimate space where I felt safe, supported and able to find and share words to what were previously my thoughts and unconscious impressions. This helped me gain confidence as I began a new movement forward.  Julie does a magnificent job of keeping things balanced, flowing and fun. I am still assimilating and using what I gained from group coaching with Julie and the other fabulous souls I met! Connecting and expressing with others who have either been on a similar journey as me at one point or another or who I felt could really relate to me in one way or another and vice versa, is a truly empowering feeling. I am so grateful for having participated. “ Monica W.
For more about Julie and testimonials about working with Julie visit her site and blog here

Julie Cusmariu is a certified life coach, certified mentor coach, and intuitive consultant. She helps leaders and creative individuals trust their intuition and use their voice to create positive change, gain clarity, and lead with meaning and purpose. Julie is the host, creator, and producer of ‘Julie in Conversation’ a weekly live podcast with expert guests inspiring personal and collective change.
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