Kimberley Manning, Ph.D.

By Julie Cusmariu – March 21, 2018
Kimberley Manning PhD

Kimberley Manning, Ph.D.

A parent, political scientist and passionate advocate, Kim Manning and her family have made Montreal home since 2004. Over the past few years, she has supported the passage of laws to protect gender identity and gender expression, been a frequent contributor to media discussions, and successfully raised funds to support equity initiatives in Montreal. Kim is fiercely committed to building strong, inclusive, and open communities through expanding opportunities for participation in quality education and daycare and through increasing access to affordable housing. A trilingual leader with an irrepressible capacity to connect with others, Kim is currently running for the Liberal nomination in the Federal riding of Outremont.

Kimberley is a wise woman leader and parent of three kids, political scientist and passionate advocate for the rights of transgender kids and youth (as a parent of a trans child).

She is the Principal of the Simone de Beauvoir Institute and is currently running for the Liberal nomination in the Federal riding of Outremont, Quebec, Canada.

Not only is she impressive on paper, and might I add she is also trilingual (including Mandarin), she is so lovely to be with and know in person. You immediately feel her passion and her standout level of competence and leadership as a woman capable of (and currently) bringing about positive change for individuals at home and at work, in our schools and communities and for society at large.


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