Amy Lang, MA, Sex Educator

By Julie Cusmariu – December 4, 2022


When and How To Talk about Sex with Your Tweens with (and thanks to) Sex Educator Amy Lang, MA.

Amy Lang, MA has been a sexual health educator for over 25 years. Surprised by her discomfort with just the idea of talking with her young son about his body, she knew she needed help. Amy did a bunch of research to learn how to talk with kids about bodies and sexuality and realized she could help other parents with this important part of parenting.

In 2006 she started Birds & Bees & Kids. With her lively, engaging, and down-to-earth style she helps parents become comfortable and confident talking with their kids. Amy’s books, online solutions center, and podcast called “Just Say This”, show parents they really can become their kids’ go-to birds and bees source.

Just Say This Podcast

In this episode:

11:50- Amy lang, MA joins the conversation

13:15- How Julie learned about Amy’s phenomenal work in sex education and abuse prevention.

16:17- why is Amy doing this work as a Sex Educator
19:17- after 25 years what Amy emphatically wants parents to know about talking to our kids about sex
22:02- “This is wrong focus” says Amy…we must instead prepare our kids for this part of life.
24:45- Myths around talking to our kids around sex.
25:56- What and when to start talking to your kids about sex and WHY it is so important to do so earlier than you think.
30:22- Why you want your kid to be the “smartest kid” in the playground about sex education and by what age they need to know about EVERYTHING about sex.
31:58- Porn and what to say about it.
35:08- How to talk specifically to boys about sex. Scripts and all.
40:20- Having crushes. What happens when family members or others want to know about kids’ and their crushes.
44:00- Monitoring and filtering on every single device to keep kids safe online.
45:00- More on getting ready to talk to your kids about sex.
54:21- More about talking to kids about having romantic or sexual feelings.
56:25- How you can learn more from Amy Lang.



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