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Unpacking Deborah MacNamara’s book ‘Nourished’, one bite at a time.


Because just one episode speaking to Deborah MacNamara about her book, ‘Nourished: Connection, Food And Caring For Our Kids (and everyone else we love), wasn’t nearly enough, I followed up with this episode. In this hour I savour some of the insight received and more content, highlights from my conversation with Deborah, content from the […]

Deborah MacNamara, PhD, author of Nourished, joins Julie in Conversation

Deborah MacNamara

  Deborah MacNamara is a wonderful human and masterful teacher and author and still I just had to cover my bases on this one thing! Was this book (Nourished: Connection, Food, And Caring For Our Kids (and everyone else we love) going to remind me that I need to do better in the kitchen? I […]