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The Mother’s Day Revue Part 3

Mother's Day Podcast

Part 3 of The Mother’s Day Revue: Favourite bits and brand new hits from the podcast series #Motherhood #LetsCreateAVillage. Featuring Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed, Michelle Osbourne and other very special guests including Asha Frost , Nic Strack, Tanya M. Odom and Ellen Bettmann. Topics covered: Diversity and inclusion, race (and talking to our kids about it) privilege and cultural appropriation, […]

Asha Frost

Asha Frost

Asha Frost, BA (Hon. Psych), DSHM is an Anishinaabe woman from Neyaashiinigmiing (Cape Croker).  She is a Medicine Woman, Mentor and Visionary who believes that we heal when we awaken to the beautiful medicine that we carry within. She facilitates healing in her practice, through the use of Shamanic Healing, Homeopathy and Indigenous Based Ceremony. […]

Asha Frost, Indigenous Medicine Woman, joins the series #Motherhood #LetsCreateAVillage with Julie Cusmariu, host and intuitive life coach

Asha Frost

  Wise and important words shared from Asha Frost, Indigenous Medicine Woman, mother of two boys, Visionary and Mentor, on our live podcast conversation last week. #Motherhood #LetsCreateAVillage Have you listened to the conversation? It’s up anywhere you find your podcasts and here . It was moving and illuminating and important. There is much to glean from […]