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A meditation for swirling emotions

a meditation for swirling emotions

    The podcast that emerged this week was a meditation. A moment to pause. A space to welcome the swirling feelings. May it be of benefit. Www.JulieinConversation.com #mediation #listen #feelings #heart #acknowledge #individualandcollective

Hope, compassion, empathy, dreaming.

guided meditation podcast

When our instinct may be one of self- protection and a defended heart, and especially in these times, this is an invitation and an excerpt from my podcast this week, inspired by my own need for it, to soften into our hearts, into hope and compassion, and to even dream. For the full podcast hour, […]

Guided meditation and more.

guided meditation podcast

An hour to reconnect, meditate to a guided visualization, ground and more with host, life coach and intuitive, Julie Cusmariu. May this hour land where it may for you, for us all. With you, in my mind and heart. Thanks for being here and being you.