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Making our way through with Deborah MacNamara, Ph.D.


This week on the podcast Dr. Deborah MacNamara returned to grace the podcast waves and offered insight to help us orient in these changing times. As she said “we can’t orient to something that is always changing” and yet she managed to orient us nonetheless, despite these changing times in the midst of this global […]

The Mother’s Day Revue: Part 2

Motherhood podcast

Favourite bits and brand new hits from the podcast series #Motherhood #LetsCreateAVillage Featuring Dr. Laura Markham, Dr. Deborah MacNamara and other special guests including Karen Brody, Ellen Bettmann, Christine Carter, Ph.D., Tracy Cutchlow, Madonna Maher and more. In this episode topics covered include: Managing our kids’ emotions and our own, how to navigate and nurture […]