Dance Your Intuition with Intuitive Life Coach and Executive Coach Julie Cusmariu

I am passionate about hosting #DanceYourIntuition experiences. From what I’ve experienced repeatedly and have been told by others, is that Dance Your Intuition is an experience that stays with you for hours and days following. It’s an opportunity to bypass the the landscape of the mental mind (often riddled by fear and resistance and rigidity), and move from from the ‘what- ifs’ and ‘what should-be’ and ‘ought- to- be’ to what’s here right now, present, vital, alive, open, moving and awake internally. To move in to the space of clarity and what IS possible. #clarity #possibility #creativity
Dance Your Intuition is a truly unique experience. A professional and personal development opportunity that enriches the leader within.

➡️If you’re looking for a unique leadership and professional development experience to offer your employees, colleagues, clients and/or organization to shift their focus and gain a new perspective, insight and clarity and to enrich their well-being please connect with me here and I can let you know how we may work together.

We all know that when we can take time to quiet the mental chatter and connect to the wisdom within, we all benefit. The impact is felt individually and collectively when we take the time to cultivate our skills for inner listening. We become attuned to ourselves, those around us and the systems and the environment we are a part of.

If you are thinking about bringing innovation to your workplace and/or adding a unique somatic leadership development experience to your retreat line-up or workshop space, please contact me here. Freedom and joy are a natural by-product of this experience and I am a grateful witness to it all.

For a one hour experience or 5 hour workshop come let yourself be danced, your inner intelligence has a way of knowing that will enlighten and satisfy you. #grounding

I look forward to dancing with you.

When: TBA
7-9 p.m.

Let’s meet in this safe and welcoming space and shake off some anxiety, fear, accumulated energy (and oh, there is lots of that I know, I can speak for myself), and find some ground. Release, feel, heal, and be with yourself in the company of an intentional group of fellow people.  I look forward to welcoming you. #individualHealing #collectivehealing #release #letgoofcontrol

I typically hold these events monthly in person in Montreal and throughout the pandemic the time and location has been in flux. Meeting the moment, the time, the need, the capacity and seeing where it takes me and us in our next meeting. I hope you join us to release, energize and feel the connection to yourself.

What you need to bring to participate and benefit from this experience outdoors.

  1. Your fully charged mobile device with headphones. (This way we can dance, turn up the volume at your own discretion in the privacy and comfort of your own ears).
  2. Spotify App ( I will send you a Spotify playlist in advance so that we synchronize to the music together).
  3. Comfortable clothes (with appropriate layers in case of cooler weather to start as you slowly warm up).
  4. Water to stay hydrated
  5. Agreement to follow safe COVID protocols (safe distancing) and if  you are unwell before the event or have been in contact with someone who is COVID positive, to notify me and reschedule for the next one (a full refund will be granted).
  6. Open mind, open heart.

Please note:

You must have access to SPOTIFY (Premium), your own headphones and mobile device.  This is the main difference between the outside and inside experience. Despite having the freedom of being outside the one limitation is needing a device with the Spotify App which I hope will not limit you from attending. Let me know if I can be of any further support with this. And Spotify premium is the paid subscription that allows you to download the playlist and is the version recommended.
 Once you have the app, you will be able to receive the playlist that I will send next week before the event.  Then you will ideally download the playlist so it is available when you are offline (if you don’t want to use your data or don’t have Wifi or whatever it may be). Once you register you will receive the location and the playlist.


“Dance your Intuition was a transformative experience! Dance and movement is the perfect remedy for whatever ails you. It lifted my mood, gave me self-confidence, made me laugh and gave me a deeper connection with myself. I would do this again (and again, and again!).”
~Lisa B.

“For many of us, there is no form of self-expression that makes us feel more vulnerable than dancing. It’s literally full-body vulnerability.”
~ Brené Brown.

“There is a dance that only you know how to do.”
~ Gabrielle Roth

So come join us to exercise your vulnerability. Move out of your comfort zone, stretch yourself. Meet yourself beyond limitations. Dance. It’s safe to do so here. I welcome you. Here’s to letting yourself be danced.

intuitive dance


This is for you if you want to:
  • Dance free, move your body
  • Connect to your feelings
  • Quiet the mental chatter
  • Connect to your body
  • Make space and let go
  • Open up to a new perspective, a new possibility, step outside of your
    comfort zone.
  • Have fun, feel alive
  • Meet like -minded inspiring individuals
  • Let yourself be guided by what is present in the moment for you
  • Gain clarity

All you have to do is show up and let yourself be danced. Seriously. No dance experience necessary. Just the willingness to be curious about how your body may move and respond to music and a desire to let go in a safe healing space that’s fun and open to you feeling free and connected to your inner wisdom, power and resourcefulness. Come see what will emerge for you, and from you. Come let your intuition move you. Come be yourself in this space. You can safely leave your dancing inhibitions at the door. If they do show up, together we will slowly turn down the volume on them.

Julie Cusmariu is a certified professional life coach, certified mentor coach, facilitator and intuitive consultant. She helps leaders and creative individuals trust their intuition, use their voice for positive change, gain clarity, and lead with meaning and purpose. Julie is the host, creator, and producer of ‘Julie in Conversation’ a weekly live podcast with bestselling authors and experts inspiring individual and collective change. More about Julie here

“Move your body, clear your head, ground and connect to your intuition;
it’s the still small voice that guides you and knows what is best for
~ Julie Cusmariu
Dance yourself to clarity and a new perspective. Dance
yourself out of your comfort zone. Beyond the limitations. Meet yourself
there. It is safe to do so here. I look forward to welcoming you.


“An exquisite therapy session.” MM Sept. 2019

“Julie is a very confident, grounded facilitator that easily creates a safe
container to open up and let the Self express…. to her fun and good beats
music, finishing with a circle sharing that made me feel I was already
connecting pieces together… Thank you.” ~ Raimonda Pironti, June 2018

Oh, the power of gathering in the safe space created by Julie to Dance Your
Intuition! The amazing music dances through me. Tensions fall away, the inner
energy refreshes, flows through and whoosh! Transformation feels so good! M.


More about intuition

Your intuition is always available to you. You hear it best when you’re listening, attuned to it; when you’re mind is quiet and charged emotions can move and be expressed thus creating space and neutrality. Dancing and body movement helps us do this. We find ground, we connect in a different way, we get out of our heads and we make space to hear, to feel and connect. I’ve been offering dance events interspersed with other workshops and coaching to create an opportunity to move freely in a safe supportive, fun space with good beats. An opportunity to let go of inhibition, free yourself of self-consciousness and self-protection. To bring clarity to an area of your life where you are feeling stuck, to emerge from the night feeling your freedom to be as you are. This experience will give you the opportunity to move out of your head and put a gentle pause on the mental chatter that keeps running through your mind and feeling stuck. This evening is an experience, an opportunity to connect to your intuition through movement. Clarity can show up when you walk through the door or days later. When you decide to join this evening, something opens, is responded to, listens and awakens. Try it. You’ll see. May you gain the support of your village so you can get the time to come out to this, let go and be yourself.

I had such a BLAST!!! Thank you for hosting this kick ass event
JC, Sept. 2019

And remember…

This is not dance instruction, you are not required to ‘know how to dance’. You can simply even find your own spot and stay still. Allow yourself to be danced by what is arising in you and see what emerges from there. Come surprise yourself!