Asha Frost, Indigenous Medicine Woman, joins the series #Motherhood #LetsCreateAVillage with Julie Cusmariu, host and intuitive life coach

Asha Frost

  Wise and important words shared from Asha Frost, Indigenous Medicine Woman, mother of two boys, Visionary and Mentor, on our live podcast conversation last week. #Motherhood #LetsCreateAVillage Have you listened to the conversation? It’s up anywhere you find your podcasts and here . It was moving and illuminating and important. There is much to glean from […]

Understanding The Highly Sensitive Person and The Highly Sensitive Child, a podcast conversation with Alane Freund, LMFT

highly sensitive person

If you are sensitive or the children you nurture and know are sensitive, or if you’re simply just curious about high sensitivity, may you take time to listen to this conversation I had on my weekly podcast series #Motherhood #LetsCreateAVillage with Alane Freund, LMFT wonderfully skilled therapist and facilitator, advanced certified consultant for highly sensitive people, close collaborator […]