Intuition and trusting yourself moment to moment.


This week on my live podcast I talked about intuition and the art of trusting ourselves. TRUST. Can we trust everything that led to this moment and that awaits us in the next ? Can we be present with what arises in the moment that may not reveal what is ahead? Can we be with […]

Coaching your intuition and celebrating the profession of coaching worldwide.


International Coaching Week just ended for 2018. Even Jeopardy has Coaching as a question. “Alex, what is professional coaching?” Correct. The International Coaching Federation has existed since 1995 dedicated to advancing the art, science and practice of professional coaching. I’ve been a certified life coach since 2007 and a certified mentor coach since 2016 based […]

Venturing out from the wild and stunning wilderness of motherhood.


It’s been a few years since I’ve ventured out from the nest. The nest that I’m perched on that nurtures 2 boys (7 and 4 years old), a 10 year old dog, and a meaningful relationship with my life partner. I ventured out to widen my horizons, horizons that involve my intuitive coaching practice and […]

Can we be curious instead of judgemental ?

Diversity and inclusion

Curiosity is not to be underestimated. Thanks to all children who model this so well. May you wonder today. May you inquire with a beginner’s mind, about yourself and the other. Tanya M. Odom pointed out in our recent podcast conversation (around diversity and inclusion) that now there is all this research indicating that: “Curiosity […]