Mother’s Day Revue- Part 1

By Julie Cusmariu – May 9, 2019


Favourite bits and brand new hits from the series #Motherhood #LetsCreateAVillage with host Julie Cusmariu. In Part 1, celebrated author, and one of the most respected voices in the psychology of women, Harriet Lerner, Ph.D. returns to the conversation to talk about creating and maintaining healthy relationships when kids are in the picture. Other highlights include wisdom shared from Sheryl Paul, Madonna Maher, Dr. Christine Carter, Anna Seewald and Dr. Elizabeth Cohen. Listen all the way through to benefit from all the helpful tips and deep insights shared on relationships, the keys to happiness, the transitions we experience through motherhood and more.

Show notes:

What you will find in Part 1 and when:

Harriet Lerner, Ph.D.: Begins at *11:40 *
A conversation on creating a healthy relationship when kids are in the picture. Great practical tips and so much deep insight.
The Mother Dance
The Dance of Anger
Why Won’t You Apologize

Here is my entire conversation with Harriet Lerner from the series #Motherhood #LetsCreateAVillage

Sheryl Paul: *46:28 * ” I’m sure you’ve seen with your kids, with each notch of their own independence, you gain a little piece of your own self back.”

Here is my entire conversation with Sheryl Paul.

Madonna Maher: 56 mins. On fulfilling the unmet needs of our child self…” We have to start really mothering ourselves.”

Here is my full conversation with Madonna Maher.

Anna Seewald, M.E.D, parenting educator, psychologist, speaker
*59 mins*
“Try to seek positive experiences in your day, in your life, there are many. They don’t have to be level 10. They can be ordinary experiences.” “Try to absorb goodness. In order to change our mind we need to experience those experiences for 12 seconds longer…”

Here is my full conversation with Anna Seewald.

Dr. Elizabeth Cohen, NY city based Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Elizabeth Cohen walks Julie through a relatable parenting moment. Related to shifting gears, changing hats from being at home to being at work. Dr. Elizabeth Cohen also shared about her personal journey through Divorce to being in a healthy loving relationship and how she helps clients heal through divorce and live radiant  lives.

Here are my two previous conversations on the series with Dr. Elizabeth Cohen. Here (The psychology of self-care and asking for help) and here (perfectionism and healthy communication).


Dr. Christine Carter, Author, Sociologist, Happiness Expert

Latest scientific research on productivity and happiness.
She shares the key to happiness and insight into her Ted talk: The Power of Truth Telling.

Here’s my entire conversation from the #Motherhood #LetsCreateAVillage series with Dr. Christine Carter.

Here’s to celebrating you. Cheers.

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