Highly Sensitive Parents – A conversation with Alane Freund and Julie Cusmariu


And join us for the HSP Masterclass, January 20, 2023 with Alane Freund and Julie Cusmariu. If you read this after the date you can tune in to Alane’s monthly membership. Please learn more about joining our AYHS membership by clicking here. Parents, are you… Anxious? Overwhelmed? Worried about everything? Really worried about your kids? Thinking […]

Staying curious and always learning with Pam Dunn, mindfulness educator


Pam Dunn’s presence fills the airwaves as does her humour, insight and experience as an educator, guiding teacher and facilitator with youth and their communities and with individuals of all ages, genders and cultures. I hope you can take time to listen to Pam Dunn’s inspiring words. How can we keep staying curious and keep […]