Creativity unveiled- Julia Cameron’s way

Hi there, In spending time on I came across an inspiring video interview (link featured below) featuring the wonderfully talented and wise, Author and Artist, Julia Cameron, author of several bestselling books including the ever popular The Artist’s Way. I have yet to read The Artist’s Way but many of my friends and colleagues […] – consciousness on the web in video format

I was sent this link by my wise and beautiful friend Ingrid and am spending time perusing through it finding great video clips to watch. I am always eager to discover new places on the web interested in disseminating meaningful and consciousness- raising multi-media and so this is a new find for me. Have […]

Coaching your intuition; Using the power of Life Coaching to develop your Intuition

As both a Life Coach and a regular coaching client, I am grateful to be able to experience the power of Life Coaching on a daily basis. Life Coaching serves a beautiful purpose, it is a vehicle for self-discovery, transformation, and for realizing unlimited possibilities. The premise behind coaching is that each client has their […]

Using your intuition to alleviate worry

I developed a knack for worrying at a young age. I was good at it and I engaged in it frequently and easily. I could do it all on my own and there was little that could get in my way. Sounds almost like a passion… Well, I would say it was more like a […]