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Navigating motherhood and careerhood on a snow day in Montreal


It was a snow day here in Montreal yesterday which meant school and daycare was cancelled and the boys were home with me for the day. This meant fun day, play day for them. For me on the other hand it meant another day of switching gears between full time with them and full/part time […]

Talking Intuition with Lilou Mace

I am now getting to post the interview I had with Lilou Mace back in April of this year. It was great to meet Lilou, (who is no doubt following her intuition) and sharing with us all impressive and inspiring conversations she’s having with individuals worldwide.  She stopped in Montreal on her Juicy Living Tour […]

Is intuition a gift?

Is Intuition a Gift? I’m often asked if intuition is something we are all endowed with. I always immediately reply with an absolute “yes, of course” followed by something like ” if you choose to listen to your intuition, it will grow louder and stronger and become a more intimate friend and wise personal inner […]

Creativity through Intuition: An Interview with Julie Cusmariu By Alexa Nazzaro

I am fascinated by the topic of creativity. I read about it, write about it and I am continuously discovering more about the topic.  My interest in creativity has also led to having Dr. Robyn McKay,  Creativity Researcher & Positive Psychologist on my radio show on 3 different occasions in the last 2 months. In […]

Don’t expect your intuition to make sense

From the landscape of the unknown to the known, our intuition takes us where we need to be Intuition is not linear and does not come from our rational mind. Intuition bypasses logic on its way to the surface of our awareness and drops in, in a sudden instant. Intuition feels right and provides feelings […]