Did you know you can become happier?

Did you know that you can become happier? Despite what you may think and despite what you may be genetically predisposed to ( ‘your happiness set point’), Sonia Lyubormirsky in the ‘How of Happiness’  reassures us that,  “the heritability of happiness’, as I’ve heard her refer to it by, is only 50% . Through her […]

Group Coaching with Life Coach and Intuitive Consultant, Julie Cusmariu

Group coaching offers  many benefits.  There is tremendous support, acceptance and camaraderie among the participants who gather from across the globe (depending if it is virtual or in person). The support and synergy of a group of like- minded individuals creates the foundation for tremendous learning, inspiration and accelerated personal  growth. Each individual in the […]

Are we wired for good?

Are We Wired For Good? Author and Professor of Psychology at UC Berkley Dacher Keltner kindly joined me in conversation this month on Heart Beat to discuss his new book “Born to Be Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life”. We had a very compelling and enjoyable conversation about the science behind living a meaningful […]

Is intuition a gift?

Is Intuition a Gift? I’m often asked if intuition is something we are all endowed with. I always immediately reply with an absolute “yes, of course” followed by something like ” if you choose to listen to your intuition, it will grow louder and stronger and become a more intimate friend and wise personal inner […]