“Hold On To Your Kids”, Dr. Gordon Neufeld and Dr. Gabor Maté’s invitation is to reconnect to our intuition as parents.

By Julie Cusmariu – March 24, 2019

Gordon Neufeld

When I first met Dr. Gordon Neufeld in person in the fall of 2017, after I had the opportunity to interview him on video, and then get his autograph on my copy of the book “Hold On To Your Kids”, I said to him with gratitude “ Your insight into parenting has restored my confidence as a mother .” He replied with a big, warm smile, “ then I’ve done my job”.

This article in The Guardian sheds more light on his work  as does the conversation I had with Dr. Neufeld on my weekly podcast. Have a listen here.

If you want more of this deep insight and developmental approach to parenting, listen to my conversation with Dr. Deborah MacNamara, author of Rest, Play Grow: Making Sense of Preschoolers (or anyone who acts like one) whose work is brilliant and helpful and is based on the Neufeld approach.



*This picture is from my most recent meeting with Dr. Neufeld in March 2019.

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