Intuition: Moment by moment awareness

By Julie Cusmariu – April 23, 2009

Following your intuition is about being in the moment, constantly aware of your feelings, sensations and perceptions. There is nothing more you need to do other than be aware of what is going on for you and what feels true for you in the moment.  Once that moment is over, you’re already on to the next moment when you can again check in and see what is true for you then.  Relieve yourself of the responsibility of needing to know about what might or might not happen next week or in 6 months. If you can simply occupy yourself with the moment, (breathe, feel your body and tune in to what feels right for you), you will be on your way towards moving ahead and you will naturally be guided into the next right action. Whatever needs to show up for you will, as in each moment there is a revelation of  how and what you need for your next best step.  This is a process that takes practice and trust in oneself and in time gets easier and becomes more fulfilling.  As we tune in to each moment we  tune in to the most valuable source of wisdom we have access to,  the truth that resides within us.

To your awareness and self- discovery.

All the best!

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Julie Cusmariu is a certified life coach, certified mentor coach, and intuitive consultant. She helps leaders and creative individuals trust their intuition and use their voice to create positive change, gain clarity, and lead with meaning and purpose. Julie is the host, creator, and producer of ‘Julie in Conversation’ a weekly live podcast with expert guests inspiring personal and collective change.
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