Caring Without Carrying It All- A special virtual workshop with Nicole Schiener, psychotherapist and Julie Cusmariu, Coach and Consultant

By Julie Cusmariu – October 14, 2023

We invite you to a Special Virtual Group Program For Sensitive Helping Professionals, Caregivers, Creatives and Changemakers

Put it all down and let it be.

During four 90 minute workshop sessions in November and December, we invite you into an experience of uninterrupted time to be with yourself and others. You deserve caring too. We are honoured to help you nurture your wisdom, your somatic knowing and embrace the uniqueness of you. We have designed this program to support you in protecting your time and energy and honouring your capacity and needs.

Your Investment Includes: $333

Each session will include a blend of storytelling, personal reflections, small and large group discussions, a psycho-educational exercise, a guided visualization or intuitive movement practice along with a summary handout with key concepts, journal prompts to return to whenever you need and recommended resources.

Live attendance of the workshops may qualify for CEUs.

You Can Care Without Carrying the Weight of the World on Your Shoulders.

We know you are busy and brilliant. You don’t need more work to do or to be told what to do. The answers lie within. But everyone needs time and space to slow down and connect. Despite being essential work,  caregiving at home and as work is deeply devalued by society. Women, especially helping professionals are burning out. Health concerns, mental health issues and relationship struggles are on the rise. Compassion fatigue compromises our work. These practices can enhance your use of self and help you become a better partner, parent and professional.

Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario for over 20 years, Nicole specializes in gender based violence, anxiety treatment and the transition to parenthood for couples. She co-created virtual groups for women survivors, has presented in Global summits and at provincial and National Conferences and has been a featured writer for The Psychotherapy Networker and The Gottman Institute Blog. She’s a presenter at The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association’s Annual Conference.
Julie Cusmariu is a Certified Professional Coach (Executive and Life Coach), Mentor, Facilitator, Intuitive Consultant and Podcast Host and Producer with over 16 years of experience in the field of coaching, healing, and transformation. Julie supports leaders and change makers trust their intuition, honour the wisdom of their body and use their voice for change. Julie is the host and creator of Dance Your Intuition and offers the experience of movement with music to individuals and organizations as an opportunity to connect to and access their inner intelligence and wisdom. Recently featured in the Sensitivity Success Summit, Julie frequently collaborates with Alane Freund, International Consultant on High  Sensitivity, bringing awareness and understanding to the topic of sensitivity and introversion.

Julie Cusmariu is a certified life coach, certified mentor coach, and intuitive consultant. She helps leaders and creative individuals trust their intuition and use their voice to create positive change, gain clarity, and lead with meaning and purpose. Julie is the host, creator, and producer of ‘Julie in Conversation’ a weekly live podcast with expert guests inspiring personal and collective change.
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