Raising our children as the change we need, as the parents, educators, leaders, the everyday people longing for a more peaceful, tolerant world.

By Julie Cusmariu – October 31, 2018

Building ToleranceMay we see each other for who we really are as human beings walking this precious earth. The same and yet with differences to be celebrated, honoured and curious about.

This senseless tragedy. Needless deep sorrow and pain. My heart is with the victims of this tragedy, the victims of the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with my extended Jewish family who also live in this community, with victims of anti-semitism, racism, sexism, hate and discrimination in all its forms.

As described by the Anti- Defamation League’s model The Pyramid of Hate, what starts as individual bias, escalates and grows in complexity to prejudice. Hate. Violence and Genocide.

I’ve been having conversations on my podcast with guest experts about matters of diversity, gender identity, inclusion, prejudice, discrimination and racism amongst others. Guests share their own personal experiences and also share how we can mitigate bias, build tolerance and acceptance, and bring consciousness to our blind spots, for the sake of ourselves, our children, our neighbours and in our homes, classrooms and communities.

I identify as a Jewish woman, a human being above all. I have many blind spots and I’m learning to lean in and listen. May we all do our work so that we can stand together and not divided. So that we
can see ourselves in the other. So that we may feel and understand ourselves and the other. So that we can raise children as the change we need, and so that we ourselves can be the leaders, the everyday people we need to be to move us towards a more peaceful, tolerant world. With love.

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Julie Cusmariu is a certified life coach, certified mentor coach, and intuitive consultant. She helps leaders and creative individuals trust their intuition to make better decisions, gain clarity, and lead with meaning and purpose. Julie is the host, creator, and producer of ‘Julie in Conversation’ a weekly live podcast with expert guests inspiring individual and global change.
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