Virtual Dance Your Intuition to reduce anxiety, release energy, and take a moment to fill up your cup through movement and music.

By Julie Cusmariu – March 31, 2020

I’m thinking of you all and inviting you to a healing space for yourself, so you can fill up your cup just a little bit as we navigate these times individually and collectively.

Perhaps you’ve heard some of my podcast episodes where I offer dance as a meditative audio experience? Perhaps you’ve been at one of my in-person Dance Your Intuition experiences in Montreal? Or maybe most recently at one of the free pop up virtual dance parties I’ve been hosting for everyone (including my kids, perhaps yours, alongside animals and plants). Here’s an edition for these unprecedented times. When we can connect from our home, virtually, to ground, connect, let go of anxiety and feel some pleasure and freedom by connecting to our bodies through movement and music.

I’m Certified Life Coach, Intuitive Consultant and Podcast Producer and host in Montreal. I will be hosting Dance Your Intuition- Virtual, solo, from my home, with you, in mind. Via Zoom. This will be a place for an hour to fill up your cup. Of course if your kids are around or someone else, having them pop in is to be expected.

Come join this special edition of Dance Your Intuition from your own home.

It’s a safe, intimate place to meet virtually and shake off some anxiety, fear, accumulated energy, and find some ground.
Release, FEEL, heal, be with yourself and others. I look forward to welcoming you and connecting with you in this way.

When? Mondays and Fridays at 4 – 5 pm ET.

Where? Online through Zoom (instructions sent once you register) enables audio and video.

How? When you register below or reply to this email I will send you the details and the Zoom link.

Cost? 12$/session. $40 for 4 sessions. Limited to 12 people per session.

**2 spots have been paid for. I don’t want $ to stop you from joining. Let me know if you want one of these spots.
**If you want to donate a spot for someone in need, thank you and please let me know. This has been working beautifully thus far. Thank you patrons.

How can I register and pay?  Through Paypal below or through an etransfer (

1 session- $12

Name and email

4 sessions $40

Name and email

Who is this for? I have been hosting free pop up virtual dance parties for everyone (including my kids, yours perhaps, alongside animals and plants). This I will be hosting solo, from my home, with you, the adult in mind. A place, an hour to fill up your cup. Of course if your kids are around or someone else, they are welcome! Click here for more about my in- person Dance Your Intuition events.

How many people? Limited to 12 people/ session. You can come to 1 or every session.

How will the hour unfold ? We will meet. Introduce ourselves individually. Share where you are joining from,  share what you want to dance out and through. Share how you want to feel by the end of the hour. We will dance with curated music by me coming through your speakers on your device/computer. In closing you will share how you feel and what you are taking with you back into your day.

Register here and specify the day/days you would like to join. I will share more about how you can best prepare and what to bring virtually once you are registered.

I look forward to welcoming you.

Thinking of you all,


Julie Cusmariu is a certified life coach, certified mentor coach, and intuitive consultant. She helps leaders and creative individuals trust their intuition and use their voice to create positive change, gain clarity, and lead with meaning and purpose. Julie is the host, creator, and producer of ‘Julie in Conversation’ a weekly live podcast with expert guests inspiring personal and collective change.
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