Gangaji, Dr. Rollin McCraty & Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, Ph.D. join the conversation on Heart Beat with Host and Life Coach Julie Cusmariu

I am thrilled to welcome three spectacular individuals to my internet radio show, Heart Beat, in the month of July.  Gangaji, Dr. Rollin McCraty and Marilyn Mandala Schlitz are three individuals who greatly inspire me and individuals worldwide. Join me for these three intimate, inspiring and informative conversations on spirituality, science, heart -based living, intuition, […]

Don’t expect your intuition to make sense

From the landscape of the unknown to the known, our intuition takes us where we need to be Intuition is not linear and does not come from our rational mind. Intuition bypasses logic on its way to the surface of our awareness and drops in, in a sudden instant. Intuition feels right and provides feelings […]

Intuition: Moment by moment awareness

Following your intuition is about being in the moment, constantly aware of your feelings, sensations and perceptions. There is nothing more you need to do other than be aware of what is going on for you and what feels true for you in the moment.  Once that moment is over, you’re already on to the […]

Do you want to get coached for free, live on air for 8 weeks with life coach Julie Cusmariu, host of Heart Beat on BlogTalkRadio

APPLY HERE to ‘In Session with Julie’ on Heart Beat Radio Life Coaching is a powerful and beautiful process that facilitates self-discovery and transformation on a very deep level. Coaching provides an on-going supportive relationship whereby the client’s strengths, values & desires are unearthed and expressed in their daily life. The coaching process catapults the […]

The Wonderful World of Life Coaching on Heart Beat Radio with guest Sheri Boone, MCC

This week on Heart Beat – Wednesday April.15 4ET-  Julie Cusmariu in conversation with guest Sheri Boone, MCC. Listen here! Sheri Boone ( is a Master Certified Coach, Mentor Coach, Trainer (faculty member of Coach for Life and the International Coaching Academy) and Master Certified Inspired Learning Facilitator.  Sheri has been coaching for 11 […]