5 days at Kripalu: Experiencing the wisdom of silence with Gangaji

“Trust Yourself” she encouragingly stated. When asked to state the message of her teachings in a few words or less (by interviewers), Gangaji said to us she always answers with these two important words. Gangaji shared so many important words with us over the 5 day silent retreat at Kripalu last week. As we entered […]

Byron Katie’s The Work asks us “Whose business are you in?”. Inquire into your own business and notice how you will naturally connect to your intuition.

Whose business are you in ? After watching author and teacher Byron Katie’s interview on Oprah’s SoulSeries webcast the other night (see link below), I was reminded of some important and powerful questions Katie uses in the process she calls The Work. These questions help individuals bring peace to their stressful thoughts and are simple […]