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Dance Free : Open your mind, feel your heart, move your soul Sunday evening June 14, 2015

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Coconut palm trees and people dancing with the sun.



Dance Free returns for the 3rd edition with Julie Cusmariu and Madonna Maher

Come join Julie Cusmariu, Life Coach and Intuitive and Madonna Maher, Core Energetic Therapist, in their popular evening workshop dedicated to dancing full out to release, connect, awaken and thrive.

Come shake, vibrate, glide, stomp, expand, and explore your unique expression.
Come feel your body, your power, your desire, your beauty, your uniqueness.
Here in this safe space, we welcome you and invite you to move to your own rhythm. Here you will be able to let go of stuck emotions, loosen tight muscles and give attention to the parts of you that are yearning for movement and waking.

Take these two hours to be and care for yourself. Use this opportunity to move out of your comfort zone and experience yourself in your most connected and free flowing state. Take a risk. Watch as areas of your life transform by taking time out to connect to your body, your heart and your spirit through intentional dance.

Feel and discover movement that is expressive and uniquely yours.

Join us on the studio floor for the 3rd in a series of DANCE evenings.


When? Sunday June 14th, 7:15-9:15 pm

Where? Studio D 325 , Mile End

Madonna Maher and Julie Cusmariu thrive on creating experiences for individuals to connect to themselves in a profound and holistic way. With candor, humour and integrity they bring together their unique skill set and natural gifts to the workshop arena. Body Mind Movement 2012 their first co-creation has led them to this next co-creation, Dance Free. Workshop participants LOVE the dancing component in Madonna and Julie’s workshops and thus an experience solely dedicated to conscious dance has been inspired.

Bring yourself and leave your inhibitions at the door. Come enjoy this safe and creative space held by Madonna and Julie for you to be yourself. You will be invited to let go and connect within and to others in the safety of a like minded group.

Come shift your perspective, get unstuck, and feel your vitality and pleasure.

We are offering you a space to integrate your life experiences through movement. A place to enjoy, heal, stretch and grow.

Come join us, it will be such a pleasure to have you with us!

There is a dance that only you know how to do “ Gabrielle Roth

Register here to reserve your spot. 20$ Spaces Limited


Words shared from participants of Dance Free #1

” I had forgotten how good it felt to dance – What a sweet rediscovery! There’s magic in uninhibited movement to music; loved it! ” Taline T.

“I want to thank you both for a very fun and enlightening (in every sense of the word) evening. Many emotions came up which I have to process. I have lots to think about.”

“Still high from Sunday ! It was so much fun and an incredible release, but not only that, thought-provoking and resonating. Can’t wait til the next! ”
“Wow, thank you so much for that amazing, dynamic, energizing, cleansing, refreshing, enlightening, sparkifying evening of DANCE!!! :” MB

About Madonna Maher

Over the years Madonna has been involved in the healing profession as a nurse and massage therapist. She now works as a core energetics practitioner, supervisor and teacher. Her strengths include a calm presence, compassionate listening, directness, intuition and play. She has a deep passion for assisting people in connecting with their true feelings and choosing life.

Words shared about working with Madonna Maher

“ If you do nothing else in your life this is enough … I am so glad I came to this workshop. ” Jim
” You are a very exceptional Core Therapist.. You have deep insight into the human struggle” Monika
” I would want you to be my mom, you healed me by seeing me” Jordana
About Julie Cusmariu

Julie Cusmariu inspires, uplifts and empowers individuals to use, trust and act on their intuition to live an inspired and success-filled life. Julie is sought out for her unique capacity to create lasting experiences that evoke calm, inspiration and clarity for individuals wanting more, experiencing change, and asking “‘now what ?” Julie uses dance in all of her her groups and workshops to inspire deep connection to oneself and their intuition.

‘Julie is a master at the art of insight, and she uses this gift to help her clients take a fresh look at themselves and the limitless possibilities that bless every one of our lives. She is inspiration incarnate. ” – Isa T.

“What I remember most from group coaching with Julie was this amazing intimate space where I felt safe, supported and able to find and share words to what were previously my thoughts and unconscious impressions. I am still assimilating and using what I gained from group coaching with Julie and the other fabulous souls I met! I am so grateful for having participated. ” Monica W.
When? Sunday June 14th 7:15-9:15 pm

Where? Studio D 325 , Mile End

Register here to reserve your spot. 20$



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