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Pause- a group life coaching experience with Julie Cusmariu

October 8th, 2014 | No Comments

Come join Julie Cusmariu, Sundays November 9th – December 7th and get coached in a safe and intimate group.

If the time feels ripe for you to ‘Pause’ and connect to yourself and the life you are living then it would be a great pleasure to have you join us.

When? Sunday evenings- November 9- December 7th

What time? 7-9 pm

Where? Shri Yoga in Westmount (a beautiful studio)

This group life coaching experience will benefit you if you are:

  • assimilating a life transition
  • in between opportunities
  • anticipating change
  • birthing something or someone new
  • undergoing a change
  • In a process of letting go and/or discovery
and find yourself repeatedly saying:
  • I need to move forward
  • I keep coming up against the same block
  • How can I be more patient ?
  • How can I accept where I am more graciously and willingly ?
  • I’m tired and need a break
  • I need to enjoy the moment
  • Can I enjoy where I am despite not being where I thought I would be ?
  • What is unfolding/ coming into being?

In these 5 weeks you will breathe, meditate, dance, speak your voice, feel, connect to your intuition and be with yourself and others. You will have the opportunity to bring more peace and clarity to wherever you are in your life by connecting to   yourself and engaging your senses.

About Julie Cusmariu

Julie Cusmariu inspires, uplifts and empowers individuals to use, trust and act on their intuition to live an inspired and success-filled life.  Julie is sought out for her unique capacity to create lasting experiences that evoke calm, inspiration and clarity for individuals wanting more, experiencing change, and asking “‘now what ?”

Register by October 21st to receive the early bird price and ensure your spot. Spaces are limited.

**EARLY BIRD Price: $225 Register below by October 21st  to receive the early bird price. Regular:$269 , Early Bird: $225**

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"Extensively trained and wonderfully easy to connect with, Julie helps people develop intuition as a tool for tuning in – to ourselves and others – through her coaching, consulting, writing, website, blog, and radio broadcasts. In every one of Julie’s broadcasts I’ve listened to and in the online pages and emails I’ve read, her calming manner, deep wisdom, and genuine willingness to listen and learn shine through."
Grace Kerina, Writer/Editor

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