Mindfulness in motherhood

Present moment awareness

Is this why it’s often hard to be present? And isn’t this also why it’s so powerful when we can be ? We have access to so much in the present moment. Where are you right now ? Past? Present ? Future? Even just noticing is all you may need right now. It’s a practice […]

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Motherhood, let’s create a village

Faces of Mother

  Embracing mother. All of her. All of you. The mother we are and the mother we are not. The mother we had and the mother we didn’t have. The mother we want to be and the mother we don’t want to be. Mother as we know her in all her splendor. Me, you, all […]

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Can you trust your intuition? May you let it lead.


  I hope you’re listening to your intuition today. Or at least recognizing that your intuition is speaking to you, even in this very moment. Can you hear it? What’s it saying ? We all have intuition. We might not hear it or trust it or act on it, but we all have it. The […]

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