Mothering ourselves through the journey of motherhood.

Dr. Elizabeth Cohen

This is a topic we can all relate to isn’t it? Asking for help. Brings up a lot in us. Consciously or not. Calling on the village. It’s why I called this newest podcast series #Motherhood #LetsCreateAVillage. It most certainly doesn’t take motherhood to need or benefit from a village but through my own experience […]

Dance your intuition with Montreal Intuitive Life Coach Julie Cusmariu


“ Dance your Intuition was a transformative experience! Dance and movement is the perfect remedy for whatever ails you. It lifted my mood, gave me self-confidence, made me laugh and gave me a deeper connection with myself. I would do this again (and again, and again!). The music was catchy and the women were lovely! […]

Navigating motherhood, stretching, trusting, always learning.

Navigating Motherhood

  This was a moment during the set up for my Dance Your Intuition event in Montreal a few nights ago where women gathered to dance, let go, make space and connect to their intuition. I tried to, looked forward to and expected to get there on my own to set up before the guests […]

Intuition and trusting yourself moment to moment.


This week on my live podcast I talked about intuition and the art of trusting ourselves. TRUST. Can we trust everything that led to this moment and that awaits us in the next ? Can we be present with what arises in the moment that may not reveal what is ahead? Can we be with […]